MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer

Hi everyone!
Are you all ready for NYE? Have you done your make up yet? 
I haven't even started! I know I shouldn't be blogging now, but I just can't help it!
So today I thought to share with you what I found in drugstore. You probably heard about MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquers already, but if you haven't keep reading. These lip lacquers are for matte lovers, who are brave enough to go for very daring colors. MUA lip lacquer collection has a wide range of colors and they're all very bold. Personally, I don't think I would wear it everyday, as I am more soft pastel girl. But I've purchased 3 of them, which I thought I might give it a go. Shades I've got is Reckless, Tranquility and Halcyon. As you can see Reckless is a very bright, retro red shade, which gives this super sexy velvet finish for your lips. Tranquility is more nude colour, it reminds me of Rimmel Kate Moss 03 shade, which I've recently reviewed on my blog ( you can read it here). Warm, autumnal shade for nude fans. Halcyon is very similar to Tranquility shade, just slightly darker and I would say more orange shade, but not too orange. 
The lacquer stays on your lips for a while and if you not eating or drinking it would definitely last you half a day without requiring second application! My advice would be let the product dry on your lips COMPLETELY, before eating, drinking or even talking, otherwise it could cause cracking. You wont just wipe it off with a tissue, you will need a make up remover to clean all excess of your lips. I cleaned mine with Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water. 
MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer costs only £3 in Superdrug and I would recommend it as it's a great drugstores budget buy.

P.S I hope you guys have a fantastic New Years night and enjoy yourselves as much as possible! xoxo

 MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer - Halcyon
 MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer - Tranquility
 MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer - Reckless

New Year Resolution

Like everybody else, I thought to share my New Year resolutions. I promise myself too much every year and it seems like it's never happening, well, I mean all of it. So this year I will try to shorten my list and start by taking small steps. Who knows, maybe I will succeed? 

Eat a lot more healthier food.
I am pretty much sure all of you promised this to yourself. And I am no exception. It's difficult to stay away from junk food when so much temptations is all around you. I am planning to add more fruits and vegetables to my eating routine and start it from there.

Hit gym at least twice a week.
Over past few years I've gain a lot of weight, during stressful times I've had lately. It's time to fix my mistakes, by trying to do my best. 

Drink more water.
Ok, I know this might sound stupid. You supposed to drink LOADS and loads of water everyday, but for me it's always been a big challenge. I hate going toilet every 5 minutes and specially when you at work. But I will try to have atleast 10 glasses a day or maybe less to start with.

Be easier person to deal with.
As I've mention above, I had some really tough times lately and it caused me being anxious, angry and depressed most of the times. For that reason, I caused numerous arguments with my partner, my family and friends. I've decided to put a smile on my face instead of shouting and arguing for no reason.

Treat myself more often.
We've only been given one life, so why not?

Read and comment more blogs.
Definitely must! Looking forward to meet new bloggers.

Be more positive and love myself even more.
Every inch, every mistake, every part of me deserved to be loved! 

Start learning driving theory.
I have been trying for few years now. I just can't get it in to my head, I don't seem to be interested at all. But as driving makes lives so much easier, I have to try it - sooner or later.

So this is it for now. Simple and looks super easy, but sometimes easiest goals can be hardest to achieve. 
What is you resolutions?

Royal Blue

 Hi, readers!
I'll make it short as it's my second outfit post in a week! I am progressing. haha If you were following me for a while, you've probably noticed that I am a huge fan of blazers ( read it here and here), it goes with everything - smart or casual. And it's easy to match with other clothes. So this time I am wearing gorgeous royal blue blazer I've purchased from Matalan on a boxing day. I have to admit it is my favorite so far and I've got so many nice comments wearing it!
 What do you think? xoxo

The Body Shop Glazed Apple

 Hey hey!
I've seen a lot posts about this TBS Glazed Apple products and none of them were negative. So I thought to share my opinion too. Well, what can I say? The biggest wow is the smell, I mean it's just divine! I don't think it smells anything like apple but I still love it! It stays on skin for a while aswell. So I've got this super cute apple full of goodies for Christmas. It contained shower gel, body butter, shower sponge, shimmer lotion and body polish. I was surprised about shimmer lotion, as I have never seen it before (yeah, I know, feels like living in stone age), it leaves beautiful sparkle once applied, so I will use it for night outs for sparkly look, plus it leaves gorgeous smell on you. Unfortunately, I couldn't get the picture how it looks, camera wasn't focusing properly. As Glazed Apple was for limited time only, I've stocked up more of those products. A week later when I popped in the shop, they were all gone! And I am not surprised at all.
Look at this adorable packaging! Love it!

Dinner Date

 Hey bloggers!
I don't post a lot of outfit pics, for some reason I always forget, and when I remember I just can't be asked to set all this equipment for couple of pictures. haha But I love checking others posts! I had some time before I went out, so I thought to share with you, guys, my dinner's date outfit. Me an my partner were going out for a meal and then cinema afterwards (watched Exodus: Gods and Kings, it was awesome!). I went for a smart look - red blazer, slim trousers, nude cami top, nude pointed court heels, and nude clutch. Simple, smart and made me feel beautiful! haha
I hope you liked it! xoxo

Blazer: Matalan

 Clutch: Matalan

 Watch: Michael Kors

 Necklace: Primark

 Pointed court heels: Matalan

Yankee Candle lover

 Hey, guys!
I hope you had wonderful Christmas and you've been treated well this year.
About a week a go, I was swinging around the shops to buy some final Xmas presents and I've discovered Heaven on Earth! Yes, literally. If you are huge lover of scented candles (like me) then you will understand what I mean by saying that. I was gob smacked once I've seen stunning Christmas decorations and all those amazing scents just lying down on the shelves. I feel so mad at myself that I didn't take any pics of the store, it just looked amazing. So I stepped in and I regret the minute I've seen this shop all newly open. HUGE range of candles, with all those delicious, mouth watering smells there. Because it's a Christmas time they had all different kind of winter smells like, vanilla, apple and cinnamon, but because I am not a lover of the way cinnamon smells (it's just too strong for me) I grabbed Cranberry Ice. Oh, it smells lovely! Not too sweet, a bit sour and very much like winter. I went for the largest jar as it was only £14! I have to say you can REALLY smell that pleasant and not annoying scent and it stays for long time. Next pick was Rainwashed Berry. I mean, seriously, how do they get those candles smell so amazing?! It smells like this sour bubble gum, we used to chew when we were kids. I can't get enough of it, even now, as I am typing I have this jar in front of me 'coz I just want to smell it again and again! haha 
Although, Yankee candles are a bit pricey, but they're definitely worth every penny you spend. I love how they bring different scents every season, so you don't get fed up of the same ones. What is your favorite Yankee candle?

P.S They have boxing day sale on their website, so I might be popping in to order some more! 
Don't miss out!

Secret Santa

Hello everyone! 
Only 2 sleeps and it's Christmas! This year Xmas came very early in my house, as I've received most of my presents at the beggining of December! haha I know what many of you thinking right now, but I could not let go of my chances to get what I actually wanted for a very long time! So Santa was treating me a bit earlier. He apologies all of you and promised next year to visit you before me! haha
I think nothing makes you more happy when you coming home, after long day at work and finding a box with your name on. I am sure many of you knows this feeling, when you are waiting for your lovely boots or a night out dress, you've ordered online. But this time it wasn't something I've expected, so can you imagine what kind of feelings was screaming inside of me? 
My delivery was box in plastic bag, and once I've ripped the bag off, I've seen this gorgeous packaging, box was wrapped with so much love and as soon as I've seen it I knew that only one person would put so much love in to it. Sometimes, when you think you all alone, and everyone turned their back at you - there is always this one person who turns the lights on at the end of the tunnel. So this person lighten up all of the lights for my Christmas! My dearest friend, even if I won't see her for years (yes, sometimes we don't see each other for such a long time), there is always very strong connection between us. And it makes you feel so special, when someone is being far away from you, but still manages to surprise you. And this little box filled with goodies and enormous amount of love definitely made my Christmas very special! 

So what was in the box?

The Body Shop Satsuma Body Butter- this can't get any more christmassy! I am a huge fan of fresh oranges and tangerines, so I adore this body butter. I love its potency and that after applying, you can still smell it hours later. It smells divine, very fresh and not too sweet. 
The Body Shop Coconut Lip Butter - everyone loves coconut scents, so do I! Works well on dry lips and I've discovered that it moisturize cuticles very well too!
Yankee Candle Summer Scoop - I think I am addicted to this. Summer in the jar! It literally smells like ice cream. I haven't heard of this flavor before so it was a very pleasant surprise.

I wish you all to find this one person, who will be you sun ray in the rainy day. 

P.S Love you, girl!

Pretty in Nude

Hello readers! 
Recently I've posted my favorite pink lipstick, but I think I've discovered my new favorite! This time it's nude shade. I have to be honest with you, I wear it even if don't go out anywhere. That's how much I love it! I just put it on and stare at the mirror with my duck face! haha
Lipstick is by Rimmel Kate Moss in Shade 03. I have few lipsticks from Kate Moss collection and I would like to praise Rimmel for a very long lasting product, even when I'm eating or drinking lipstick won't come off. It doesn't feel heavy on the lips. It's not matte lipstick, but at the same time it's not too shiny. The shade is very warm, soft, but a little bit darker nude than usual. I dare to say that it is Mac Velvet Teddy dupe, which is loved by Kyle Jenner. So if you not willing to spend £15 for MAC lipstick, but looking for something similar, this is perfect option and it costs you only £5.49. The packaging is really good, so I don't need to fear the lid coming off in my bag because it secures itself well. I can see myself wearing this all this winter season or even longer!
I hope you, guys, enjoyed this post and liked this shade as much as I did. Do you own lipstick from Kate Moss collection? If so, what is your favorite shade?

Indre xoxo

Movie review: The Hobbit: The Battle Of The Five Armies

Hello there, good day!
Have any of you managed to watch The Hobbit: The Battle Of The Five Armies yet? I did, twice. Yeah, that's right twice, and both at the cinema, 3D HFR format. And I would go once again and again and again! I am not a massive fan of this sort of movies, but The Hobbit was exception. And the quality of the film was just WOW! Movie is made in 2D, 3D, IMAX 3D and 3D HFR formats. So I chose to go for the most unusual  HFR, which I've never heard before. So what is HFR?
 HFR 3D represents a technological advancement in the motion picture experience. This innovative format presents the picture in 48 frames per second (fps), which is closer to what the human eye actually sees. This is twice the rate of the standard 24 fps, which is the current format in cinemas worldwide.
So what I think about the quality? I cannot put in words how realistic everything looks! It's like everything happens around you and you are just sitting in this action scene and watching it all happen. Specially when it gets to actual human in the film, the quality is amazing, looks very realistic. I have to say that your eyes gets tired from time to time, as it's so much to 'process' you need give a second of break.
The story line of the movie was great, it touches friendship, loyalty, honesty and love. It takes you in from the second the movie starts and those 160 minutes just flies by. Costumes and make up were amazing! My favorite was Elves king Thranduil on his deer, very impressive! I don't want to tell too much of the story, just in case you are planning to watch it yourselves. I would highly recommend watch it at the cinema as it's one of those films you must see.

Q&A about me

How old are you?
I am twenty something old. But still feel like 15 years old teenager. 

Where are you from?
Originally I am from Lithuania, but living in Birmingham, UK. No I am not planning to go back. I've lived here over 4 years and I call this place Home.

What is your dream destination to travel?
Well, I have 2, if that's ok. First is amazing Dubai and second would be capital of fashion - yeah, you are right- it is New York. 

Your favorite food?
Can I say Peanut Butter? It is some sort of food, isn't it? So yeah, I love EVERYTHING what has peanut butter in! Never get enough.

Favorite song of all time?
Ok, I always said and I will always say - Fragma - Toca me (Inpetto 2008 remix). No matter how many times I've listened to it, it's always been my favorite. It's hard to explain what kind of feelings it brings me. I would suggest you listen to it and tell me what you think. You can listen it here

Favorite movie of all time?
Hachiko: A Dog's Tale. I have NEVER cried so much watching any other movie. A drama based on the true story of a college professor's bond with the abandoned dog he takes into his home. It's such a strong movie with incredible story line, it will make everyone cry. A must watch film.

What is your favorite cartoon of all time?
Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron. As I love horses, this has to be my favorite! Amazing wild horse story, when he meets a young man and becomes friends. Brian Adams did great job recording songs for the movie. Best soundtrack ever!

What annoys you most about people?
When they are using mobile phones at the cinema! I mean, really? Don't you think that there are people around you and your super bright lights blinds us all? It always has to be this one annoying person texting and scrolling through facebook while someone is trying to enjoy the movie! Grrrr!

What is your biggest obsession?
Ermm... I think I have two. Oversized Sunglasses and nail polishes. Gosh, I can never have enough! No matter if it's summer or winter - I will be buying sunglasses. And you better keep me away from those colorful nail varnish stands, otherwise you will get blamed for me spending all of my money! haha

Who is your male crush?
Magic Mike. Oh,sorry it's Channing Tatum. I could look at him 24 hours without blinking. God Bless this lucky woman who has this man all for herself.

Do you have a special talent?
I think I would be great CSI agent. I have a talent to dig deep in to things and get the truth to the daylight. I think that's the thing my partner hates the most about me. Whoops...

What do you think is the worst punishment someone could give you?
Ignoring. If someone ignores me when I'm trying speak to them, that will drive me crazy! 

Are you a pessimist or an optimist?
Realistic optimist. 

Your moto?
Everything will be OK in the end, if it's not ok it's not the end.

What scares you the most?
Ghosts. Any kind of stories about it.

What is your favorite flowers?
Peonies and tulips.

Currently favorite lipstick

Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lip Stick Pink Blush

Hey, bloggers! 
Are you 'Pretty in Pink' kind of girl? Yeah, I know, me too.
I want you to take a look at this gorgeous Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lipstick in shade Pink Blush. I am so in love with it at the moment, I just can't get enough of it. I know, it's more summery shade and it would go more with those colorful outfits I would wear in summer, but I just can't stop wearing it. Its perfect for daytime wear. Not too much, which is essential for me, because I work in the office with very conservative people, so this is just right. Lipstick comes in very soft shade, not too bright like other neon pink shades.It's very much like MAC VIVA Glam GAGA, just 3 times cheaper. Application is super easy,slides on easily. It lasts for a while if you not eating or drinking. Only down side is if lips are not moisturized, dead skin and crack will be very visible. Other than that I just love it! Good quality and very affordable lipstick, that I would highly recommend for those Pink lovers.

Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lip Stick Pink Blush

Primark accessories haul

 Hello, my beautiful friends! 
It's not a secret that I am obsessed with necklaces! I cannot even tell you how many of them I have. And they are all over the place! haha I love having all different kind of necklaces for different seasons and occasions. When it gets to summer I am looking for something super bright and colorful to bring more taste to my outfit, but for autumn and winter seasons I love buying gold and silver tone accessories to create warmer look. Statement accessories has been rocking around for a while now, and I am loving it too much! By adding chunky jewelery to any outfit makes it look a lot more stylish and glamorous. So I've popped in to my local Primark store to get some cosy warm socks and guess what? I actually ended up buying all those beautiful necklaces and no socks! haha Has it ever happened to you or is it just me? Everyone knows Primark by it's price tag, you can get decent items for a very low price. And accessories there has always been very cheap. I cannot complain about the quality as it never let me down. For all those beauties I've paid only £20! Where in other High Street stores one necklace goes for over £10 and it's pretty much same design. So why do we have to pay more if we have Primark! haha

P.S This is not sponsored post 

Price: £3

 Price: £5

 Reduced price: £2

 Price: £5

 Price: £3

 Set of 2 price: £2.50