Curvy girl style

Crepe or skater style dresses, with different accessories.

Blazers in different styles. Fitted or boyfriend style - both looks great on any kind of shapes.

Many years i have been trying to find something what suits my curves best. I've been  reading loads of magazines and posts about DO's and DON'T's. And i can tell you - I've learn nothing from those stylist or experts. In my personal opinion the best thing to do is spend some time in fitting rooms with loads of different style of clothing. I have spent hours trying all different varieties, until i found what's best for me. I have an hourglass shape (not the perfect one), so I fall in love with bodycon dresses. It hugs your figure very well and with some shapewear under the dress it can create a very sexy silhouette! I recently discovered Crepe (Skater) style dresses, and I was surprised how well it hides all unwanted stuff. I think it's perfect for casual or smart look with right accessories. Next in my top list - blazers, it cinch in your waistline in a seconds! You can create loads of different looks, starting with very basic casual and ending up with super smart look. And don't be afraid to add more colours to your wardrobe! Just because you are curvy it doesn't mean that you can't follow trends.