Favorite lipsticks

Did you know that first lipstick was invented about 5,000 years ago? And its been worn by woman and MEN. They applied it almost daily with wet sticks of wood, and favored colors such as magenta, blue-black, and orange, though red was also a popular shade. Since I am not a fan of VERY provocative colors I will share my favorite ones, that I use daily or when I go out. I wasn't in to lip paints that much as any other girl, I preffer bare lips or just a bit of nude lip gloss. But as I found some shades that really suits me, I now own few lipsticks that i really like.

Although, they are not very expensive ( just under £10) it stays on for quite long time. Hot stuff by Seventeen won't come off even after the meal! So why spend so much and pay just for name or packaging, when you can get real bargain and it will last you as long as those expensive ones. All of them has a very creamy texture, pigmented colors, it doesn't dry your lips, can be kept sheer or built to a more noticeable matte color.

Because of the light, I can't show exact color of the lipsticks, so this is the closest I could get. Going Steady looks more like orange in the photo, but it's actually nude. I love Hot Stuff shade, I would never wear red lipstick, until my friend gave me to try this on. And I was totally in love with it. Vintage, bright red and looks very sexy on the lips. My favorite of all is Pink Pout by Revlon. It's very simple, conservative and natural shade - perfect to wear it everyday at work. You can find them all in Boots for very affordable price! 

Check this very helpful and super easy trick to keep on your favorite lipstick!

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