Nail treatments

Your nails are a way to speak your style without having to say a word. So we all want healthy looking nails. And to have healthy nails you need to look after them, not just filing them once a week, but also investing some money for a good treatment. I would HIGHLY recommend to purchase OPI Nail Envy. One of must have products for your nail care. This is a great product, it goes on easily and really approves the appearance of the nails. I've never had long healthy nails, until I bought OPI. It is expensive, but its totally worth the price. My nails were growing extremely fast and condition of my cuticles improved significantly. On the package it says to apply one or two coats every 2 days, but I found it as waste of product. 2 coats of nail strengthener is more than enough to last you few days. You can apply on it's own or as a base coat and then over the nail polish. It gives great shine. Only down side is the very strong smell, but it won't stay for long. Also, I've noticed that using too much of this product my nails started peeling of a bit, so make sure you give a short break after using it for a while.

OPI Discover Kit

OPI Nail Envy comes in clear and nude shades, which I love both, nude shade you can use it on its own and it gives you very natural looking nails. This new formula contains all the properties of the Original Nail Envy treatment but in an easy-to-wear nude shade that suits all skin tones.

OPI has loads of great nail care products. Avoplex nail and cuticle replenishing oil works just as good as Nail Envy. And it smells gorgeous! Avoplex nourishes your cuticles and helps your nails grow faster. Moisturizing your cuticles is very important improving your nails health, but let's not forget our hands,  OPI Avojuice will take care of it. It's so good, that I just can't get enough of it! You can choose from many different scents and Violet Orchid is my favorite. I love that smooth, soft feeling you get after applying this skin quencher.

I want to show you, guys, my little experiment with OPI Nail Envy. I've pictured my nails every week just to see the progress and results were obvious. Please excuse me for the picture quality as it's been taken a while ago.
I love painting my nails and I love seeing results after trying something new. I have 4 full boxes of nail polish and most of them haven't been used! I know, I am crazy, but what can I do if I can't resist of buying new ones. It's like they are calling me when I walk past the shelves ''Come and have a look, it's a new collection, new shades'' !!! Arghhhh...
 They say: The only time a woman is helpless is when her nail polish drying. Other than that, WATCH OUT!  
Take a look at my few ombre attempts.


  1. You have beautiful nails! What do you recommend to stop polish from chipping? I have pretty strong, healthy nails, but no matter what I do my polish chips usually the same day I apply it or the next day. I never get more than 2 days out of a mani.

    1. Hey Michelle, thank you for reading my post!
      I think the worst enemy for nail polish is water! Try to stay away from washing your dishes, or use any chemicals. If you are the only person doing house cleaning, then wear robber gloves to protect your mani as much as you can. Also hand creams and any king of lotions makes your nail polish chip, so avoid applying any creams on your nails.
      Also, very important to use good base coat, and it works best when your nail varnish is still wet. It will make your manicure last longer. When applying nail polish, make sure you apply 2 - 3 layers,rather that one thick layer.
      I hope that helps! xoxo