Review: Lorea'l make up products

As most of the girls - I love make up, its amazing how few products can change the way you look completely. So let me introduce my best friends.Without those 3, I won't start my day. So let's begin: Volume Milion Lashes mascara - if you like full, long and very black lashes this shining magic wand it's just for you. Eye lashes looks amazing every single time, no clumps long and thick with a very quick application. Good brush, gives a good volume if applied with a few layers. It gives the false eyelash look, without being too dramatic.True Match foundation - this product blends very well with my natural skin tone and is non-irritating on my face. As I have very sensitive skin, it could get very tricky to pick the right product. I have tried SO MANY different foundations, even those famous brands that all profesional make up artists use, but it wasn't right for my skin. I used to be left with flaky, dry skin. But friend of mine recommended Lorea'l True Match and I thought I will give it a go. It does what it says on the label, gives you very good coverage without leaving your face looking 'cakey'. It's not overprices like some other brands and it lasts for ages. True Match mineral powder - I apply a foundation base and use this powder on top for a flawless finish. Powder allows skin to breathe, gives you great coverage and helps to reduce oily shining. The brush is really good for application, very soft and it feels nice on your skin. You can use powders on its own and it still gives you great coverage!

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