Travel experience: Spain

If I would win a lottery, I would buy one way ticket anywhere in the world and start my journey across the globe! There is so many wonderful places, so many beautiful countries to see, but it's so not enough money for everything. Traveling it's expensive hobby, but it's wort every single penny! I haven't traveled a lot yet, only been to few gorgeous places, but on my 'To do' list there is plenty of places I want to visit. It takes a lot of time and hard work to get where you want to be, but I believe if you really want something, you will get it. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but one day- You will!
So I've visited Spain, for the first time, 2 years ago and like most of other tourists, I fall in love with this country. First thing- Spanish language. I haven't heard such a beautiful, sexy and passionate language anywhere else. Second their culture, it's all about passion. People there are so relaxed, they are not rushing anywhere, just enjoying every single day of their lives. It's something about it, it makes me feel like home. After a first visit to Costa Del Sol (Torremolinos), I could not get enough of it. I went back there 2 more times! With every visit, I discovered more and more, and I was falling for it every single time.

Beaches there, simply stunning! White sand, turquoise water and amazing views around. That fresh summer breeze just takes you so far far away. You'll find everything you need just on the beach! Even beer comes itself (haha). Lounges, restaurants and bars with sea views. Water sports, and other attractions if you bored.
I love trying all different kind of foods. And sea food became one of my favorites! When you in Spain you cannot get enough. Everything so fresh. Fish and prawns tastes completely different. And fruits! OMG fruits! As I live in a big city its extremely hard to find fresh and not imported fruits or vegies. So when I tasted fruits there I was blown away by it's taste. Juicy, crispy and sweet. Spanish have loads of different traditional foods and my favorite is sea food paella. Yummy! Beer, wine and sangria it has to be 'must tries' when you are there.

I've also visited a lot of places with loads of interesting history behind.  Malaga-beautiful town with stunning architecture buildings. Majorca well known by Caves of Drach, which I think it's must see if you ever have a chance to get there. Mother nature done pretty amazing job, and when you can touch it and see it, I cannot put in words what feelings you get! Torremolinos has a very big and gorgeous park 'Parque La Bateria' with massive pool, Butterflies park and many more places. 
Now, I am making plans for another trip. But still cannot decide where shall I go! My thoughts always goes to Dubai, so maybe this is my answer? But for now, it's work work work and work! I've never been good in saving my money, so it's going to be hard! But we are girls, we're allowed! Am I right? Share your experiences with me, or maybe you have any recommendations for my next destination?