Watch addiction

Watch has always been a 'must have' accessory. It's stylish, sexy, sophisticated and looks great on both genders. But I have to admit, I never liked wearing one. As I have very sensitive skin, I would get rash all over my wrist if watch is made from cheap metal. And I just couldn't stand when it gets stuck somewhere on my clothes. But not long ago, I've noticed some gorgeous designs, that really got my attention. Not having a single good watch, I've decided it's time to get myself one. I've started browsing, asking around and everyone would say 'Michael Kors'! I didn't know what was this fuss all about, so went to check it out. As soon as I've seen it in the shop, I knew it has to be mine. Massive, shining, golden watch was calling me to buy it! So I did.

I don't regret a penny I've spent on it. It's absolutely worth it. The quality of the watch it's amazing and the way it looks-makes everyone stare at it. I've got so many compliments by wearing it and the watch goes with every single outfit you pick. The metal it's very high quality, resulting watch to be quite heavy, but I like the feeling when you wear it. 

After falling in love with this Michael Kors Chronograph watch, I couldn't stop wearing it. Every single day, everywhere with me and wearing it for about 6 months, you can't see any scratches and colour it's the same as it was. So I've got in to this 'watch thing' and now I need more!l Last week I've ordered this super cute Casio Unisex Leissure Alarm Chronograph watch. It's soooooo old school, but that's why i like it! Gold colour gives a very smart look, allowing the watch to be worn by men and woman. It looks just great on both. 

The watch itself is very light, and makes me feel weird after my MK, which is quite heavy. My favorite thing about Casio is, that you don't need to worry about the strap. You can change the size of it yourself, and you don't have to bother about getting links removed. I just love this watch, so different and unique. 

So now, I've got this passion for watches and planning to get some different ones. I love gold look, but it's nice to have silver colour aswel to go with your silver jewelery. Soon, I will be treating myself with another MK beauty and I would highly recommend to anyone, because the quality it's amazing for the price of the watch. So If you have opportunity- grab it and you won't regret! 

And here is my future plans.


  1. I like this post. Your both watches are beautiful.
    Your pictures are stunning.

    Also, I impressed with your blog. It´s awesome.

    Regards from Ecuador.

    1. Thank you very much, your comment is much appreciated x

  2. Dalinamės ta pačia priklausomybe :D

    1. Dekui Dievui ne viena as tokia! lol Tikriausiai puikiausiai mane supranti kaip yra sunku atsispirti kokiam blizguciui ant rieso lol