Winter Warmers

It is this time when I want to cover myself with as much layers as possible! Warm, Grandma's made socks, pajamas trousers, over-sized knitted jumper at home and knitted hat, along with thick knitted snood or scarf wrapped over me for outside! No, I am not complaining, I love a bit of cold or snow. Specialy for Christmas. Seriously, what kind of Christmas without snow? But here, in England, we don't get to see much of it, but we can feel the cold! So I am slowly preparing myself and my outfits with warmer clothes.

*Beanie, scarf -Primark

 Have you got your winter warmers yet? 
Indre xoxo


  1. Love these! Where did you get them? I like your outfit as well :) xx

    Aniqa Dreams

    1. Hey hun, thank you for reading my post! I bought these from Primark, beanie for £2.50 and snood just for a fiver! yes, can you believe that? haha But they are reaaaaaly warm! xoxo