New Year Resolution

Like everybody else, I thought to share my New Year resolutions. I promise myself too much every year and it seems like it's never happening, well, I mean all of it. So this year I will try to shorten my list and start by taking small steps. Who knows, maybe I will succeed? 

Eat a lot more healthier food.
I am pretty much sure all of you promised this to yourself. And I am no exception. It's difficult to stay away from junk food when so much temptations is all around you. I am planning to add more fruits and vegetables to my eating routine and start it from there.

Hit gym at least twice a week.
Over past few years I've gain a lot of weight, during stressful times I've had lately. It's time to fix my mistakes, by trying to do my best. 

Drink more water.
Ok, I know this might sound stupid. You supposed to drink LOADS and loads of water everyday, but for me it's always been a big challenge. I hate going toilet every 5 minutes and specially when you at work. But I will try to have atleast 10 glasses a day or maybe less to start with.

Be easier person to deal with.
As I've mention above, I had some really tough times lately and it caused me being anxious, angry and depressed most of the times. For that reason, I caused numerous arguments with my partner, my family and friends. I've decided to put a smile on my face instead of shouting and arguing for no reason.

Treat myself more often.
We've only been given one life, so why not?

Read and comment more blogs.
Definitely must! Looking forward to meet new bloggers.

Be more positive and love myself even more.
Every inch, every mistake, every part of me deserved to be loved! 

Start learning driving theory.
I have been trying for few years now. I just can't get it in to my head, I don't seem to be interested at all. But as driving makes lives so much easier, I have to try it - sooner or later.

So this is it for now. Simple and looks super easy, but sometimes easiest goals can be hardest to achieve. 
What is you resolutions?


  1. I relate on the gym one. Twice a week is a solid goal for those of us who are lazy (aka me). Wishing you a happy rest of 2014! :] // ▲ ▲

    1. I think gym is one of the main ones for me! lol

      Wishing you good luck and happy New Year! :) x

  2. You defiantly won't regret drinking more water!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers