Perfume storage idea

Hello everyone! 
Is it only me, or there is more people struggling with those beautiful fragrance bottles when it gets to storage? I like to see them all, but i don't want to stack them on the shelves or cupboards. As I live in super small flat, I need to think where I put my stuff, otherwise it will be no space for me to move! haha And when it gets to make up and beauty products I have to find perfect place to put them all, without causing difficulties to reach it. So I was sorting my stuff today and I came through this adorable polka dot cake stand, which I've received as a present from my beautiful friend. I never had a chance to use it, so I've decided to place all of those beautiful perfume bottles on it! I was so excited as it looked really cute, and saves me a lot of space! So if you have something similar - go ahead and create your perfume stand! xoxo

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