Q&A about me

How old are you?
I am twenty something old. But still feel like 15 years old teenager. 

Where are you from?
Originally I am from Lithuania, but living in Birmingham, UK. No I am not planning to go back. I've lived here over 4 years and I call this place Home.

What is your dream destination to travel?
Well, I have 2, if that's ok. First is amazing Dubai and second would be capital of fashion - yeah, you are right- it is New York. 

Your favorite food?
Can I say Peanut Butter? It is some sort of food, isn't it? So yeah, I love EVERYTHING what has peanut butter in! Never get enough.

Favorite song of all time?
Ok, I always said and I will always say - Fragma - Toca me (Inpetto 2008 remix). No matter how many times I've listened to it, it's always been my favorite. It's hard to explain what kind of feelings it brings me. I would suggest you listen to it and tell me what you think. You can listen it here

Favorite movie of all time?
Hachiko: A Dog's Tale. I have NEVER cried so much watching any other movie. A drama based on the true story of a college professor's bond with the abandoned dog he takes into his home. It's such a strong movie with incredible story line, it will make everyone cry. A must watch film.

What is your favorite cartoon of all time?
Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron. As I love horses, this has to be my favorite! Amazing wild horse story, when he meets a young man and becomes friends. Brian Adams did great job recording songs for the movie. Best soundtrack ever!

What annoys you most about people?
When they are using mobile phones at the cinema! I mean, really? Don't you think that there are people around you and your super bright lights blinds us all? It always has to be this one annoying person texting and scrolling through facebook while someone is trying to enjoy the movie! Grrrr!

What is your biggest obsession?
Ermm... I think I have two. Oversized Sunglasses and nail polishes. Gosh, I can never have enough! No matter if it's summer or winter - I will be buying sunglasses. And you better keep me away from those colorful nail varnish stands, otherwise you will get blamed for me spending all of my money! haha

Who is your male crush?
Magic Mike. Oh,sorry it's Channing Tatum. I could look at him 24 hours without blinking. God Bless this lucky woman who has this man all for herself.

Do you have a special talent?
I think I would be great CSI agent. I have a talent to dig deep in to things and get the truth to the daylight. I think that's the thing my partner hates the most about me. Whoops...

What do you think is the worst punishment someone could give you?
Ignoring. If someone ignores me when I'm trying speak to them, that will drive me crazy! 

Are you a pessimist or an optimist?
Realistic optimist. 

Your moto?
Everything will be OK in the end, if it's not ok it's not the end.

What scares you the most?
Ghosts. Any kind of stories about it.

What is your favorite flowers?
Peonies and tulips.

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