Secret Santa

Hello everyone! 
Only 2 sleeps and it's Christmas! This year Xmas came very early in my house, as I've received most of my presents at the beggining of December! haha I know what many of you thinking right now, but I could not let go of my chances to get what I actually wanted for a very long time! So Santa was treating me a bit earlier. He apologies all of you and promised next year to visit you before me! haha
I think nothing makes you more happy when you coming home, after long day at work and finding a box with your name on. I am sure many of you knows this feeling, when you are waiting for your lovely boots or a night out dress, you've ordered online. But this time it wasn't something I've expected, so can you imagine what kind of feelings was screaming inside of me? 
My delivery was box in plastic bag, and once I've ripped the bag off, I've seen this gorgeous packaging, box was wrapped with so much love and as soon as I've seen it I knew that only one person would put so much love in to it. Sometimes, when you think you all alone, and everyone turned their back at you - there is always this one person who turns the lights on at the end of the tunnel. So this person lighten up all of the lights for my Christmas! My dearest friend, even if I won't see her for years (yes, sometimes we don't see each other for such a long time), there is always very strong connection between us. And it makes you feel so special, when someone is being far away from you, but still manages to surprise you. And this little box filled with goodies and enormous amount of love definitely made my Christmas very special! 

So what was in the box?

The Body Shop Satsuma Body Butter- this can't get any more christmassy! I am a huge fan of fresh oranges and tangerines, so I adore this body butter. I love its potency and that after applying, you can still smell it hours later. It smells divine, very fresh and not too sweet. 
The Body Shop Coconut Lip Butter - everyone loves coconut scents, so do I! Works well on dry lips and I've discovered that it moisturize cuticles very well too!
Yankee Candle Summer Scoop - I think I am addicted to this. Summer in the jar! It literally smells like ice cream. I haven't heard of this flavor before so it was a very pleasant surprise.

I wish you all to find this one person, who will be you sun ray in the rainy day. 

P.S Love you, girl!

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