The Body Shop Glazed Apple

 Hey hey!
I've seen a lot posts about this TBS Glazed Apple products and none of them were negative. So I thought to share my opinion too. Well, what can I say? The biggest wow is the smell, I mean it's just divine! I don't think it smells anything like apple but I still love it! It stays on skin for a while aswell. So I've got this super cute apple full of goodies for Christmas. It contained shower gel, body butter, shower sponge, shimmer lotion and body polish. I was surprised about shimmer lotion, as I have never seen it before (yeah, I know, feels like living in stone age), it leaves beautiful sparkle once applied, so I will use it for night outs for sparkly look, plus it leaves gorgeous smell on you. Unfortunately, I couldn't get the picture how it looks, camera wasn't focusing properly. As Glazed Apple was for limited time only, I've stocked up more of those products. A week later when I popped in the shop, they were all gone! And I am not surprised at all.
Look at this adorable packaging! Love it!


  1. it smells so good & your pictures are amazing! x

  2. Love this product line.
    Love all the smells but this one is the best!
    Gave this silver apple thingy to my mom in law, and she loves it as well :)


    1. It's amazing, right? It makes perfect gift for everyone x

  3. Oh my, this gift set is so stinkin' cute! I would have loved to be on the receiving end of this one!
    Jenny // Mish Mosh Makeup

  4. I have a Glazed Apple set post coming up soon too because I just can't not express my love for it :D

    Alice x