Yankee Candle lover

 Hey, guys!
I hope you had wonderful Christmas and you've been treated well this year.
About a week a go, I was swinging around the shops to buy some final Xmas presents and I've discovered Heaven on Earth! Yes, literally. If you are huge lover of scented candles (like me) then you will understand what I mean by saying that. I was gob smacked once I've seen stunning Christmas decorations and all those amazing scents just lying down on the shelves. I feel so mad at myself that I didn't take any pics of the store, it just looked amazing. So I stepped in and I regret the minute I've seen this shop all newly open. HUGE range of candles, with all those delicious, mouth watering smells there. Because it's a Christmas time they had all different kind of winter smells like, vanilla, apple and cinnamon, but because I am not a lover of the way cinnamon smells (it's just too strong for me) I grabbed Cranberry Ice. Oh, it smells lovely! Not too sweet, a bit sour and very much like winter. I went for the largest jar as it was only £14! I have to say you can REALLY smell that pleasant and not annoying scent and it stays for long time. Next pick was Rainwashed Berry. I mean, seriously, how do they get those candles smell so amazing?! It smells like this sour bubble gum, we used to chew when we were kids. I can't get enough of it, even now, as I am typing I have this jar in front of me 'coz I just want to smell it again and again! haha 
Although, Yankee candles are a bit pricey, but they're definitely worth every penny you spend. I love how they bring different scents every season, so you don't get fed up of the same ones. What is your favorite Yankee candle?

P.S They have boxing day sale on their website, so I might be popping in to order some more! 
Don't miss out!


  1. Looks lovely!
    My favourite is Christmas cookie!


    1. Thank you! x I think I havent tried Christmas cookie yet ;/ Will be looking around x