Do you know those moments when you fall in love with one color? This is what happened to me: through the autumn and winter I bought so many items that were in burgundy that I didn't even realized until I was sorting my stuff the other day. I thought to myself ''Hold on a second, since when do I use burgundy lipsticks? '' or I caught myself trying to choose which burgundy shade I should paint my nails. My tees, or jumpers turned in to wine red. How could I not see it? I am one of those people who don't have their favorite color. Today I like white, but maybe tomorrow I will be all over red. This is what happened with burgundy. I think it was advertised so much everywhere during the festive season, that you just cannot resist without buying it. It's like a mind game. Just few months ago I was obsessed with Mint, all my accessories were mint color and now all of the sudden it turned to burgundy. Can anyone explain me this?


'Deep secret' by Seventeen Supreme Shine Collection
'Rule Breaker' by Seventeen Stay Pout Collection
'Wild Berry' by MUA

Lip pencils:

540 Hollywood Red by Maybelline ColorSensational
'Berry Wine' by MUA

Nail polish:

'356 Berry Cosmo' by BarryM

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

So finally I have had a chance to put my hands on Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge. Everyone was going nuts about it, so I thought I need to get out of my shelf and get one for myself. Oh boy, you were all right! I can't understand how I was living without it. It's the best £5.99 I have ever spent! This sponge is beyond compare, and if you are wondering whether it really is special enough to warrant the price, it definitely is! It seems like a slightly oddly shaped sponge until you run it under water and it expands and the texture completely changes. This squidgy sponge just transforms my makeup routine, it honestly makes blending concealer and foundation a dream. Once you start using it the pointed shape and flat edge really comes in useful. I use the tip to apply concealer and the flat edge to apply my foundation, i dot my foundation onto my face and quickly pat it all over, covering evenly my whole face. It's amazing how well it expands once the sponge is wet. The size of it makes the application super easy and quick, leaving your skin looking flawless! You can really tell the difference when you apply with the sponge. Only down side: it takes a bit more foundation to cover your face. It's obvious that it will drink more of the liquid because of the texture, so I tend to pump a bit of foundation on my hand and with my finger tips tap some on my cheeks, chin and forehead and then blend it all evenly. This way you can save a lot more foundation. 
So if you still haven't purchased one, quickly run to your nearest drugstore. You wont regret, I promise! 

How to plan your holiday

It is this time a year, when I would be planning my holiday. It might sound like it's a lot of fun, but sometimes planning your holiday could be a real pain in the arse. First, you need to decide where do you want to go, what do you want to do or what do you want to see. If you are like me and you want all of those mentioned things, then I feel sorry for you sister/ brother, I've been there! I would never go for just a 'beach break'. I need to know, that the place I am traveling to, has some history behind and some beautiful places to visit. I would never go on holiday, be drunk for 24hrs and come home with no memories. I think it's just a waste of time and money. But now a days many people do that  which, in my personal opinion, is really really sad. Second, you need to know where or how to book your dream holiday.

 You don't need to spend thousands to book a nice break. The most important thing is LOOK AROUND. And when I say 'look around' I don't mean by going travel agencies. You are paying for something you could easily do yourself at home with a cup of tea! No pressure, no time limit, no silly questions - just you and your decisions. 

I have always booked my holiday online and never been let down or disappointed. I know it might sound a bit scary and you wondering if you can trust the website you are booking on. But there is always reviews or customer service advisers waiting for your call or text (online chats) and they are always there to help. And these websites are super easy to use. 

I am not trying to advertise anything, I haven't been paid or given some kind of discounts for this post. I just want to share with you, guys, something that could be very useful. My friends were so happy when I've showed them that they don't have to pay travel agents, they easily booked their holiday themselves saving an extra hundred. Websites are for people from UK. You might heard of few before, but here is my favorites: 

Choose an airport, traveling destination and dates. How easy is that? If you are not sure about the hotel or location - use Tripadvisor. It's brilliant website for travelers, reading people's reviews about hotels, restaurants, tourists attractions and even weather could be very helpful! Another thing I would do if I am about to book my holiday, I will google the location. Street view and map becomes my best friends for few hours. It's good to know if there is market or convenient store next to hotel or what distances between beach and hotel or any attractions.

I really hope you found it helpful and you'll take few advises on board. Please let me know if you discovered any other holiday websites, I would love to check it. Also, share you favorite destinations, I need some inspiration here! 

P.S All pictures is taken by me.

Night lights

 I am totally new at night photography. I could never get my settings right, no matter how many times I've change it, I would still end up in Auto mode, where camera does all work for you, leaving you with crappy results. I was reading many blogs and tutorials how to get night shots at least close to my desired results. So I went to try it out myself. I know it's loads of 'noise' going on in those pictures, but bear in my that it's my first try capturing night views. And I was extremely brave to upload it here, because there are so many good photographers out there and they probably laughing out loud, but I am proud of my results as it's a big step towards better quality pictures. I hope you enjoyed it! 


Today I want to share my thoughts about this traceless hair ring: Invisibobble. When I've heard about it first, I was very skeptical. Not only that it looks silly, plastic spiral in your hair? Hell no! - I thought, but also that it was promising some unbelievable results:
  • Traceless
  • Avoids headaches
  • No split ends
  • Strong grip
  • All hair types 
If I'm honest with you I was never going to buy it myself. I have received it with British Beauty Blogger Dream Box 2 and it sat in my draw for months, until one day I was in rush and I couldn't find any of my usual elastic bands (girl's problems!), so I've grabbed it to tie my hair up. Thank you, God, that you've guided me to this little miracle!
It actually does everything what it says on the packaging! And my favorite thing is: NO HEADACHES! I've always hated doing my hair in to high pony tail or bun, because it cause such a bad headaches and my head feels really tired, but when I've started using Invisibobble all problems was solved. After few uses hair ring could get a bit loose, but it's easy to fix it. All you need to do: place hair ring in hot water for few mins and watch it getting back to normal shape. Amazing invention! It's very stretchy so you can wrap around as many times as you want. They have many different colours to choose from. You can find it in Boots stores for £3.75 and you get 3 rings. Let me know if you tried it and what you think about it.

Homeware Haul

Hey lovelies!

Sorry for not posting for such a long time, I have been extremely busy with work and when you get caught in to your daily routine it's really hard to get out. I am so happy it's finally Friday! 
I have done some homeware shopping through the week from B&M and Home Bargain stores. I wanted something new to brighten up my little flat. I bought some super cute stuff for a pocket friendly prices!

Butterfly candle holder - to be honest with you, I have received this as a present from my lovely friend because she knows how much I love candles, so I couldn't be more happier!

Artificial flowers and vase - omg, just look at it! I can't get enough of it, it is so beautiful and looks like fresh flowers! I hate when you buy gorgeous bouquet of flowers and a week later you have to bin it. So this was a perfect option for me to have fresh flowers all year around!

Jewelery mannequin - I have one already and you might seen it in my previous posts. I have too many necklaces and storing them could be a real nightmare. I could hang loads of them on this beautiful mannequin and it really saves a lot of space.

Storage baskets - so cute! You can use it for so many different things. I chose to fill them up with my make up: lipsticks and eyeshadow pallets 'coz it was all over the place! No more mess - clean and tidy dressing table.

Make up bag - I really needed one for traveling and look how summery it is. I would say it's a copy of Ted Baker flowery bags, same material, same print. Loving it too much!

Vase - it's kind of mini version. When I bought it I thought I will keep my make up brushes in there, but I've changed my mind as vase was slightly too high for it. So I added some flowers instead.

Detoxing green smoothie

Good day, my readers! 

As I am still keeping up with my New Year resolutions, I thought to share another healthy smoothie recipe. I won't start my morning without making myself a healthy, delicious drink. So this morning I've made detoxing green smoothie. This one is not for a sweet treat lovers, it's more refreshing, vegetable tasting drink. All ingredients are super healthy and loaded with nutritions. 

  • Handful of spinach
  • Kiwi
  • Handful of kale
  • Peeled cucumber
  • Handful of blueberries
  • Almond milk

Almond milk is great and very healthy alternative for milk. And as you can see 200ml glass has only 48 kcal, which is all we want! So add all ingredients together into your blender and blend it until no bits left. 

As this smoothie won't be sweet, you can add banana, mango, raspberries or strawberries to add move sweetness to it. Enjoy it in the morning to fill your body with vitamins and boost your energy level! 
Bon App├ętit! 

Coconut oil hair treatment

Hello my lovelies!
Today i want to share with you my super easy and very cheap dry hair treatment. Although weather is not so wintery and thermometers showing +9 or even more, my hair reminds me that we are still in winter season. Dry, frizzy hair wouldn't please me at all, so now and then I love to give a deep moisture for my hair. I cannot afford to spend hundreds of pounds at the hairdressers and I won't buy those overpriced products because I have coconut oil. Literally a life saver. You can use it for so many different things and it's just brilliant. I bought mine at local Asian supermarket, 500ml for only £1.99. It might be not the highest quality product, but it does the job really well.  So there is how you do it:

Get few spoons of coconut oil into a bowl, the amount depends on the length of your hair. Remember a little goes a long way. Place bowl in microwave and warm it for ~40 seconds (depends how powerful your microwave is). You don't want it too hot. 

Rub the oil into your hair, apply more product on your ends, less on your roots. Once you done, put your hair in to lose bun.

This is the funniest part. I know it looks bizarre, but it's all for your own benefit. So after you tied your hair up, wrap a plastic bag (I used Asda's shopping bag) around your head. The bag keeps your hair warm and locks the moisture in.

Normally, I will leave my hair like this overnight to get deeper treatment and wash it only next morning, so while I am doing house work or just chilling at home I would put towel on to get even more benefit. The warmer your hair is, the better coconut oil soaks in. If you don't want to keep it overnight, give your hair at least 2 hours to get all benefit of it. But if you decided to sleep with it, place a towel on your pillow to keep it from getting oily. 
You will need a bit of effort to wash it all off, but if you use shampoo for greasy hair it will make it much easier. I only need two or three washes to remove all excess from my hair. Once your hair dry, you can enjoy super soft and shiny results! 
I hope you guys enjoyed it and found it useful. Let me know if you used it and what was your results. 

Saturday night out

 Hey hey!
Saturday I was celebrating my friend's 27th birthday. Me and bunch of girls went out for a meal at Indian restaurant Akbar's. After being late for our booked table, we've still managed to get another one pretty quick, as this places is SO busy, sometimes you ending up waiting an hour or even longer. If you walk in that restaurant for the first time, having no idea what to expect, you would probably get a light shock seeing so many people waiting in the queue to get their hands on that delicious food. 

The atmosphere there is so relaxing, although it's super crowdy, you still feel very welcoming. All decorations is just stunning, a lot of Indian culture aspects. I am so mad at myself that I didn't take any more pictures of the details and design, but I didn't get a chance to look around properly.

And the food... Mmm.. just look at this lamb and potato balti... Mouth watering view, isn't it? They have so many meals to choose from: Chicken Balti, Prawn Balti, Lamb & Spinach Balti, Meat Balti and so on... And they serve best naan bread ever! Prices are very affordable, main courses starts from £7.45, which I think it's pocket friendly for such a posh place. If you from Midlands or you have Akbar's restaurant in your city, you definitely need to try it! You won't regret.

For my outfit, I've chose berry peplum dress (again!) from Boohoo. It was perfect for the night, and long sleeves kept me warm while waiting for our cab! haha I went for simple smoky eye make up and burgundy nails to match my dress. 
What do you, guys, think? xoxo