Do you know those moments when you fall in love with one color? This is what happened to me: through the autumn and winter I bought so many items that were in burgundy that I didn't even realized until I was sorting my stuff the other day. I thought to myself ''Hold on a second, since when do I use burgundy lipsticks? '' or I caught myself trying to choose which burgundy shade I should paint my nails. My tees, or jumpers turned in to wine red. How could I not see it? I am one of those people who don't have their favorite color. Today I like white, but maybe tomorrow I will be all over red. This is what happened with burgundy. I think it was advertised so much everywhere during the festive season, that you just cannot resist without buying it. It's like a mind game. Just few months ago I was obsessed with Mint, all my accessories were mint color and now all of the sudden it turned to burgundy. Can anyone explain me this?


'Deep secret' by Seventeen Supreme Shine Collection
'Rule Breaker' by Seventeen Stay Pout Collection
'Wild Berry' by MUA

Lip pencils:

540 Hollywood Red by Maybelline ColorSensational
'Berry Wine' by MUA

Nail polish:

'356 Berry Cosmo' by BarryM


  1. So pretty colors!!


  2. Great post! :)
    Love all the colors!!

    Nikoleta, xoxo.


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