Coconut oil hair treatment

Hello my lovelies!
Today i want to share with you my super easy and very cheap dry hair treatment. Although weather is not so wintery and thermometers showing +9 or even more, my hair reminds me that we are still in winter season. Dry, frizzy hair wouldn't please me at all, so now and then I love to give a deep moisture for my hair. I cannot afford to spend hundreds of pounds at the hairdressers and I won't buy those overpriced products because I have coconut oil. Literally a life saver. You can use it for so many different things and it's just brilliant. I bought mine at local Asian supermarket, 500ml for only £1.99. It might be not the highest quality product, but it does the job really well.  So there is how you do it:

Get few spoons of coconut oil into a bowl, the amount depends on the length of your hair. Remember a little goes a long way. Place bowl in microwave and warm it for ~40 seconds (depends how powerful your microwave is). You don't want it too hot. 

Rub the oil into your hair, apply more product on your ends, less on your roots. Once you done, put your hair in to lose bun.

This is the funniest part. I know it looks bizarre, but it's all for your own benefit. So after you tied your hair up, wrap a plastic bag (I used Asda's shopping bag) around your head. The bag keeps your hair warm and locks the moisture in.

Normally, I will leave my hair like this overnight to get deeper treatment and wash it only next morning, so while I am doing house work or just chilling at home I would put towel on to get even more benefit. The warmer your hair is, the better coconut oil soaks in. If you don't want to keep it overnight, give your hair at least 2 hours to get all benefit of it. But if you decided to sleep with it, place a towel on your pillow to keep it from getting oily. 
You will need a bit of effort to wash it all off, but if you use shampoo for greasy hair it will make it much easier. I only need two or three washes to remove all excess from my hair. Once your hair dry, you can enjoy super soft and shiny results! 
I hope you guys enjoyed it and found it useful. Let me know if you used it and what was your results. 


  1. Niekada negirdėjau tokio būdo :) Reikės būtinai pamėginti. Ir dar taip pigiai ! Ačiū, kad pasidalinai. O Asda maišelis tai prajuokino. Džiugu, kad paprasta esi ir nebandai kažko vaidinti :))

    1. Labai smagu, kad sudomino! Tik jei bandysi, nepadaugink aliejaus, turesi problemu isplaunant :D Ir pasiruosk papluseti duse, kai teks viska nuplauti :))

      As ir pati juokiausi del to maiselio, reikejo daug drasos tokias foto kelt, o beto kam apsimetineti kazkuom jei esi kas esi :)) Labai aciu uz grazius zodzius xx Pasidalink rezultatais :))

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  3. Na ką, bandžiau šiandien nusipirkti coconut oil, bet nepavyko. Vienintelį kurį radau, buvo mažame buteliuke siauru kaklu. Nesupratau kaip išimti jį, todėl likau nieko nepešusi ir nepirkau. ;( Paieškos tęsiasi :)

    1. Pamegink Asda arba Tesco. Dazniausiai jie turi skyriu kazka panasaus i 'World Food' ar kazkas tokio, ten turetu buti. Esu tikra jog maciau Asdoj, kur buna visokie Asian produktai (maniskiai buvo prie plauku dazu skyriaus). Labai linkiu rasti! Butinai pranesk ar pavyko :) xx

  4. I hope to try this out soon. You have a beautiful blog.