Fun facts about me

C'mon, let's face it. We are all kind of weird. We all do things that are, well... A bit out of ordinary.
So I thought to make a post with some funny and weird facts about me. Life is too short to be serious, learn to laugh at yourself and life gets a lot funnier.
So here is some facts about me:

I’m afraid of clowns.
Creepiest entertainers ever!

I am a space intruder.
You know those people when you are standing in the queue and they are very close to you, litteraly stepping on your shoes? Yah, thats me. I am not doing it on purpose, it just happens naturaly. My boyfriend always calls me space intruder and if we in the queue together he always pulls me away from people.
I hate when someone is stirring their cups for too long.
That noise your spoon makes when it hits the edges of the cup... Gosh, it drives me mad! Normally I start shout at people to stop.

I hate seeing tea bag in the plate or sink.
Absolutely gross! I am not even mentioning touching it... It always reminds of frogs. Yuuuuck!

I can eat a tin cans of sweetcorns all day long, just on it's own. 
Literally. Favorite snack ever.

When I get obsessed with a song, I’ll play it on repeat non-stop until I stop liking it.
 And I hate when it happens. I always try to stop myself from playing the same song over and over again, but I just can't.

I always sneeze when I am trying to tie my hair up.
 Yup. I don't know why, maybe there is some magical nerves on my scalp, but it always happens.

My favorite english word is AGILITY. I love saying it out loud.
 Don't ask me why. Just try saying it few times.

I can’t see, hear, or even think about yawning without having to do so myself.
Always. Even now.

I get freaked out when someone is walking or standing behind me.
My heart starts racing if someone walks behind, I will change my direction if I see somebody too close my back.

I absolutely hate it when I hear people biting their nails, I go crazy inside.
Don't even speak to me if I caught you bitting your nails! Ewww...

I always try to make the toothpaste on my toothbrush look just like the picture on the tube. It never works.
I am sure you've tried it! You failed, right?

Share with me something weird about yourselves, I would love to know it! Thanks for reading.
Hugs and kisses,
Indre xoxo


  1. love your post! Feels like i got to know you a bit better!

    Loved the pictures they're so happy!


  2. Koks smagus įrašas! Aš taip pat nemėgstu kai žmonės prie pat manęs prieina, kažkaip nejauku pasidaro :)

    Faktas apie mane: Aš iš visko juokiuosi. Kartais tai gali būti visai nenaudinga, nes žmonės interpretuoja skirtingai. Darbe net pravarde turiu giggles. :) Tikrai visada į viską stengiuosi pažiūrėti su šypsena ;)

    1. Tai sakai juokutis esi? :) Ir as tokia pat! Kartais net nejuokinga o as vistiek juokiuos :D