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Hey lovelies!

Sorry for not posting for such a long time, I have been extremely busy with work and when you get caught in to your daily routine it's really hard to get out. I am so happy it's finally Friday! 
I have done some homeware shopping through the week from B&M and Home Bargain stores. I wanted something new to brighten up my little flat. I bought some super cute stuff for a pocket friendly prices!

Butterfly candle holder - to be honest with you, I have received this as a present from my lovely friend because she knows how much I love candles, so I couldn't be more happier!

Artificial flowers and vase - omg, just look at it! I can't get enough of it, it is so beautiful and looks like fresh flowers! I hate when you buy gorgeous bouquet of flowers and a week later you have to bin it. So this was a perfect option for me to have fresh flowers all year around!

Jewelery mannequin - I have one already and you might seen it in my previous posts. I have too many necklaces and storing them could be a real nightmare. I could hang loads of them on this beautiful mannequin and it really saves a lot of space.

Storage baskets - so cute! You can use it for so many different things. I chose to fill them up with my make up: lipsticks and eyeshadow pallets 'coz it was all over the place! No more mess - clean and tidy dressing table.

Make up bag - I really needed one for traveling and look how summery it is. I would say it's a copy of Ted Baker flowery bags, same material, same print. Loving it too much!

Vase - it's kind of mini version. When I bought it I thought I will keep my make up brushes in there, but I've changed my mind as vase was slightly too high for it. So I added some flowers instead.

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  1. Such beautiful things! Love them all!
    Great post :)

    Nikoleta, xoxo.