My New Year's night and what I wore

Omg, I can't believe it's 2015! How fast time flies, huh?
Did you had a good time last night? I enjoyed my night with my boyfriend, just two of us, enjoying each others company. Couldn't ask for more. The plan was to go out and dance the night away, but as soon as we got to the clubs we kind of change our minds. It was extremely busy and full of drunk people looking for trouble. So we didn't stayed out for long, came back home and had a few cocktails and long chats. Have you ever tried amaretto with apple juice? It has to be my favorite alcohol cocktail!
 Maybe it's just me getting older or I've just got really boring, but I totally enjoyed my night in, I don't have such a huge craving for crazy nights out anymore. Getting up in the morning, fresh face, no headache or hangover is what I love the most. 

What I wore?
I've chose Boohoo peplum midi dress, which is one of my favorites at the moment. It's super cute, very comfortable and hides your tummy very well. I've went for gold accessories: belt, purse with gold chain, and gold statement necklace along with pointed court heels. For my eyes I've used Makeup Revolution London Eyeshadows from Iconic 1 palette, for lips Rimmel Kate Moss shade 03. What do you think of it? Drop a comment how you spent your NY night! 


  1. happy new year to you too! i hope its a good one :) you look so stunning! also your eye make up is actually perfect, i wish i had those skills! id love it if youd comment back xx

  2. Na jei tu sensti, tai ne tu viena :) Mes šventėme naujus su draugais ir šiais metais jie labai norėjo į klubą. Pradėjome namuose ir tik kai atrodo visi susibendravo, reikėjo išlėkti, nes staliukai buvo užsakyti. Man labiau norėjosi ramiai, su sava muzika ir sava kompanija. ;)
    Tavo makiažas super buvo :) Norėčiau pamatyti Step by Step :)

    1. Labai aciu uz komentara :) O del makiazo tai cia visiskai random buvo ir tikrai sauniai gavosi, net pati dziaugiausi rezultatais :D

  3. happy new year! I love your dress, its such a flattering shape. would be really great if you could check out my fashion blog? :)