Super Easy Everyday Wear Eyeshadow Tutorial

Hey guys! 
I thought to show you how to get this super easy bronze gradient eye look. I caught myself wearing this quite often, it's very quick, easy and appropriate for any occasion. I was planning to make a video tutorial, but my camera won't film any longer than 5 seconds! Grrrrr! So frustrating. I will be going to my local camera shop, they might be able to sort it out or at least tell me the reason for it. So I've got everything in pictures for you as clear as I could. If you have any questions, do no hesitate to ask. I hope you enjoy it. Drop a comment below if you liked this look.


Lack Of Motivation And How I Deal With It

It happens sometimes, when dark days takes over you. Everything seems to be falling apart, all your life and everything you was building for such a long time starts slipping through your fingers. I am sure all of us felt this way, at least once. And I had really tough time lately. I was feeling down and extremely stressed. My blog suffered from writer's block. I just felt like locking myself in the house and crying my eyes out. And most of those days you really don't know what is the reason for all of this. There are many ways to beat the stress or depression, but we need to find which ones are suitable for each of us. I found few, that works well for me.

  • Hot bath or shower. Whenever I feel upset or angry, I find myself preparing nice bubbly bath or standing in the shower for as long as I feel like. It really helps to calm down and relax. I never rush myself to get out if I don't have to be anywhere, I will enjoy as long as I can.

  • Crying. That might sounds like a bad idea, but trust me it really helps. Holding your emotions and feelings inside won't make it easier to deal with problems. I have always let myself to cry, it just makes me feel like I cried all of my stress out, it makes me feel a lot 'lighter'.

  • Do not touch your laptop. Taking yourself away from social media and blogging could improve the way you feel, a lot. Sometimes your head is just too empty or overfilled with different things, so it's ok to step back and sit quietly all by yourself to figure things out.

  • Spending time with your family. There is nothing more relaxing than talking to your mum or other family members. Asking them for advise or just talking about nothing. When you are with your family, you will never feel lonely, they surround you with lots and lots of love. If you live separate and can't seen them as soon as you would want to, it's ok, just give them a call. Talk, laugh or just listen.

  • Going sleep early or taking a nap. Sleep has always been best remedy for all of my problems. Getting up fresh and fully rested makes my life so much easier. Sleep on things and next day you'll have brighter thoughts.

  • Create relaxing environment.  Put candles on, turn the lights off and just lie down quietly. No need for music, 'coz sometimes sad songs could make things even worse by bringing memories up. Silence lets you to calm down and relax. As you can see in the pics, I have made my motivational wall, with quotes that I found inspiring and some pictures where I was very happy. Everytime I look at it, it just makes me smile. 

  • Keep yourself busy. Clean up your room or apartment, go do your washing, cook some food, read a book or just go for a walk. As long as your head is busy you should be fine.

  • Stay in bed and watch cartoons. This is my favorite. I love watching films or cartoons all day long. Takes unnecessary thoughts away. Just don't stuff  yourself with unhealthy snacks! It won't make things easier if you load yourself with bunch of chocolates or crisps. You will regret an hour later.

I hope you find it helpful. I would love to know how are you dealing with stress. Let me know your ways of fighting those bad days!

Loads of love!

Girl in the woods

Hey guys!
Sorry, I haven't been posting for a while. I am feeling down and very uninspired lately, so it was kind of my time off blogging. But everyone needs that, I suppose. 
I haven't done outfit post in ages, so I thought it's time for one, while I was out and about with my friend. I still live in very autumnal colors as you probably noticed already, I just can't believe that we approaching spring in less than 10 days. Shocking how quick time flies. 
I wore black skater dress with my absolute favorite leather jacket. To spice things up I've added my faux fur collar, which kept me warm in this cold weather. I am obsessed with hats this season, I have about 10 of them now, but my favorite has to be this wool hat from H&M, I got it in black aswell, coz I could not decide which one to pick. And my bag is from Primark (I have no shame to say I am shopping there, like everybody else), which is HUUUUUGE! And I mean it. I can fit half of my life inside! haha
Anyway, I hope you liked my outfit! Thanks for stopping by! xoxo

I ♥ Makeup by Makeup Revolution

Hello my angels! 
Recently, I've got obsessed with eyeshadow palettes. I don't know where is this coming from, but I can't stop myself from buying one if I really liked it. So few weeks ago i have purchased Make up Revolution eyeshadow palette from their I ♥ Makeup collection. I was extremely happy to see that my local Superdrug store have their I ♥ Makeup stand, which you can get loads of different products! So my choice was You're Gorgeous palette which comes in 10 matt and 22 shimmer eyeshadows. Palette cost me only £5.99 for 32 shades, how awesome is that! We all know that Makeup Revolution are well known for their great quality products and super low prices. And this palette confirms all of that. Amazing shades, which is mix up of dark and light ones, so you can choose whichever you like. Plenty of nudes if you want to go neutral and enough colors to create gorgeous smokey eyes. If applied with primer, I promise you, eyeshadows lasts you all day! Palette comes with 2 sponge applicators, but I prefer to use my RT brush for application so I cannot comment on the sponges quality. Other than that these eyeshadows are just gorgeous for all different occasions. I would highly recommend to get yourself one of these palettes.

My next pick was contour palette. I ♥ Makeup Definition contour kit is great, because it has everything you need in this travel friendly palette. Bronzer, shimmery highlighter and blusher. You can choose from different shades, I have picked Fair. Bronzer is great for contouring as it has no shimmer, it's dark enough, but not too 'heavy' for your face. Highlighter is not too shimmery, it's just gives you very light glow, and blusher has matte effect so you don't put too much sparkle on your face, which I like. All blends very easily. Price for the palette is £4.99.

I didn't pictured any swatches, but if you would like to see, please drop a comment below and I will make a quick post with all shades included. 
Thank you for reading! xoxo

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer

Hey beauties! 
Today I want to drop a quick review and share my favorite concealers ever! Collection Lasting Perfection concealer is amazing and I mean it! For only £3.99 you can't go wrong. It gives you full coverage of those nasty spots or dark circles under your eyes after a good party or just sleepless night. I have got myself two shades which is 1 Fair and 3 Warm medium. Lighter shade is for my under eyes or contouring, it's just gives me this super fresh face look and darker shade is to cover redness or spots. The texture of concealer is not to thick and tiny amount goes a long way! It's super blendable so it doesn't make your face look cakey. Product lasts all day without creasing or melting away, it also leaves matte effect so you don't have to worry about shiny chin or under eyes. I am discovering more and more great drugstore products and that only proves me that you don't need to spend fortune on a good product. I would highly recommend to get one of those bad boys for yourself, you won't be disappointed.

My Valentine's day look and dinner

Hey lovers!
Happy Valentine's Day! 

I don't really celebrate this day as,in my personal's just a commercial trick for people to spend more money. Me and my partner don't buy presents for each other, as we think if you love each other you don't need to wait for one day to show your other half how much you love each other. But we jumped on the bandwagon and went for a meal like many other couples.

For my Valentine's night look I've chose to go for minimum eye makeup and bold lips. As this day it's all about love and red color,I was excited to wear my new Maybelline ColorDrama lip pencil in 510 Red Essential, you can read my review about it here. For my eyes I've went for shimmery eye shadows by Make Up Revolution and finished it with Roller Lash mascara by Benefit. I didn't do much with my hair, I kind of wanted to keep it simple, so I made two thin braids and made it like a hair band, I then back combed a little bit and secured it with some bobby pins at the back. Simple, but elegant. 

For our meal we have chose pakistani's cuisine in one of the best and biggest restaurants in Birmingham. Mughal e Azam restaurant renovated on a historical listed building, church main hall offers an exceptional dining experience. The decorations and interior is absolutely stunning! Very unique and elegant style makes you feel very special. I regret that I didn't took more pictures of this place, but my boyfriend was getting funny a bit for me being on the camera constantly, so I had to leave it (whoops). They offered 3 course meal starting with poppadoms, appetizers, main dish with plenty of sides and ending with gorgeous dessert. Could not ask for more! Food was served extremely quick. We absolutely loved the dinner and experience in such an extraordinary restaurant. Definitely coming back in near future. 

How did you spent your Valentine's day? xoxo