6 Reasons why I love being blogger

Nowadays we have more and more writers joining blogging community. Not even a year ago I wasn't interested in it at all, I have never thought I would be writing my blog. I liked reading others sometimes, but that was it. Studying some graphic design at school I was really enjoying it, but I never found an excuse to use my skills. One night before I fell asleep I had this thought in my mind about starting my own blog, but normally the next morning all my ideas doesn't look as good as it was at night. In the morning I still had the same idea and I still liked it! So I thought 'Why not?', I am not loosing anything, if it won't go well I can just take it down anytime. And here I am, absolutely loving it. So here are the reasons why I love blogging:

Taking pictures is my favorite part of blogging. Maybe I shouldn't enjoy as much, but I just can't help it. Setting up the background and the object, getting camera settings right and editing on Photoshop is so exiting! I can finally use all my Photoshop skills and enjoy the results afterwards.

Blogging lets you to forget about things sometimes, specially if you have 'down days'. If I am upset about something I will always jump on my computer and start writing something for my blog or read people's comments under my posts.It always puts a smile on my face. Few hours of complete 'switch off'' I feel refreshed and all sadness just goes away!

I love reading about other people's lifestyles and checking what are they up to. It's nice when you read someone's good news about how their dreams comes true or some other interesting stories.

I am enjoying sharing my favorite products and writing reviews about them. You can discover so many brilliant products by reading some awesome reviews, so I love to share mine too. 

Blogging it's a good practice in writing. As english is not my first language it could be difficult sometimes. But I am passionate about this language so I am always trying to improve it. 

You can learn many different things by reading other people's blogs. I personally, noticed a massive improvement in certain things that I wasn't good at. And thanks to those lovely bloggers! 

So as I have been owning this blog just for few months, I want to say a HUGE thank you to all those beautiful people who keeps coming back to read my posts. All your lovely comments keeps me going every day and puts a massive smile on my face and in my heart. I am sending you the biggest hug and billion kisses for being so amazing! 

Keep blogging my lovely people! 


  1. I love your blog. I keep comming back to it every day :) Keep it up :)

  2. I've only just found your blog but I am already loving it! After months of contemplating starting one, I finally went for it! I only have a few posts but would love if you would have a quick look! I have more blogs in the pipe line :)