Lack Of Motivation And How I Deal With It

It happens sometimes, when dark days takes over you. Everything seems to be falling apart, all your life and everything you was building for such a long time starts slipping through your fingers. I am sure all of us felt this way, at least once. And I had really tough time lately. I was feeling down and extremely stressed. My blog suffered from writer's block. I just felt like locking myself in the house and crying my eyes out. And most of those days you really don't know what is the reason for all of this. There are many ways to beat the stress or depression, but we need to find which ones are suitable for each of us. I found few, that works well for me.

  • Hot bath or shower. Whenever I feel upset or angry, I find myself preparing nice bubbly bath or standing in the shower for as long as I feel like. It really helps to calm down and relax. I never rush myself to get out if I don't have to be anywhere, I will enjoy as long as I can.

  • Crying. That might sounds like a bad idea, but trust me it really helps. Holding your emotions and feelings inside won't make it easier to deal with problems. I have always let myself to cry, it just makes me feel like I cried all of my stress out, it makes me feel a lot 'lighter'.

  • Do not touch your laptop. Taking yourself away from social media and blogging could improve the way you feel, a lot. Sometimes your head is just too empty or overfilled with different things, so it's ok to step back and sit quietly all by yourself to figure things out.

  • Spending time with your family. There is nothing more relaxing than talking to your mum or other family members. Asking them for advise or just talking about nothing. When you are with your family, you will never feel lonely, they surround you with lots and lots of love. If you live separate and can't seen them as soon as you would want to, it's ok, just give them a call. Talk, laugh or just listen.

  • Going sleep early or taking a nap. Sleep has always been best remedy for all of my problems. Getting up fresh and fully rested makes my life so much easier. Sleep on things and next day you'll have brighter thoughts.

  • Create relaxing environment.  Put candles on, turn the lights off and just lie down quietly. No need for music, 'coz sometimes sad songs could make things even worse by bringing memories up. Silence lets you to calm down and relax. As you can see in the pics, I have made my motivational wall, with quotes that I found inspiring and some pictures where I was very happy. Everytime I look at it, it just makes me smile. 

  • Keep yourself busy. Clean up your room or apartment, go do your washing, cook some food, read a book or just go for a walk. As long as your head is busy you should be fine.

  • Stay in bed and watch cartoons. This is my favorite. I love watching films or cartoons all day long. Takes unnecessary thoughts away. Just don't stuff  yourself with unhealthy snacks! It won't make things easier if you load yourself with bunch of chocolates or crisps. You will regret an hour later.

I hope you find it helpful. I would love to know how are you dealing with stress. Let me know your ways of fighting those bad days!

Loads of love!


  1. when I have a bad day I lock the people out who caused it / and or is making it worse. and then I keep myself busy, take naps and cry. and then i'll be over it. it's better to grieve so you can allow yourself to move on

  2. This is a great list and I totally agree, especially with not touching your laptop! I like to curl up and watch Harry Potter when I'm having a bad day x

    Amanda Winchester ♥ | AmandaSays

  3. Aukščiau nosį, gražuole!! Pavasaris ne už kalnų, gal tai pakels nuotaiką. Nežinau tavo liūdesio priežasčių, bet man visada padeda ramiai pagalvoti apie situacijas, kurias išgyvenau, apie darbus, kuriuos nuveikiau, žmones, kuriuos pažinau. Prisimink, kokiomis sunkiomis akimirkomis išgyvenai, tapai stipresnė ir kad visa tai liko praeity. Kartą draugė pasakė: net ir tai praeis.. Mane ši frazė tiesiog tempia iš duobės. Pažvelk į blogas situacijas praeity - praėjo, iškentėjai, beveik pamiršai ir dar patirties įgijai, taip? Nusišypsok :)

  4. Great advice! I need inspiration with my blog AND school work lol

    Agnes x