Super Easy Everyday Wear Eyeshadow Tutorial

Hey guys! 
I thought to show you how to get this super easy bronze gradient eye look. I caught myself wearing this quite often, it's very quick, easy and appropriate for any occasion. I was planning to make a video tutorial, but my camera won't film any longer than 5 seconds! Grrrrr! So frustrating. I will be going to my local camera shop, they might be able to sort it out or at least tell me the reason for it. So I've got everything in pictures for you as clear as I could. If you have any questions, do no hesitate to ask. I hope you enjoy it. Drop a comment below if you liked this look.



  1. My favourite look you showed the easiest way to do it :)) love it! xxx

  2. Man labai grazu tokie subtilus makiazai! Liuks :)

  3. You look so elegant, i love your style and makeup as well
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