Technologies, social media and us

Have you ever looked around and thought how technologies changed our lives? I mean in a bad way. Well, if you haven't then I did.

Today's post won't be review about beauty product or something from the fashion world. It's about something that made me think a lot about what I am missing in life. I was sitting in the coffee shop the other day, enjoying my 30mins lunch break, as it was sunny day I've chose the sunniest seat. I could not be happier sitting in the spotlight, I was thinking how fast spring approaching us. And then I looked around, seeing only myself sitting in the lightest spot, I was a bit surprised why all of those people hiding in the corners? Then I've realized, that sun was illuminating their devices screens. That's why they were all sitting in the shadow. Ipads, Iphones, laptops, tablets and many other devices you could, literally, find in this little coffee shop. And none of those people actually came for the coffee, they came for Wi-Fi as you get it for free if you are buying a drink. I thought to myself 'What's happened to us?' Nobody were having face to face conversation, nobody was communicating with each other in person, even though they were sitting by the same table! They were all too busy scrolling through their devices. It made me very upset, because I caught myself doing the same thing a minute later. 

We are not keeping real memories any longer, everything is captured on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. If we are doing something exciting we will share it on social media, we will take a picture to upload it on Instagram and show the world how cool we are. But what will happen if one of these accounts would be removed? Would you remember any of those priceless moments without reading your Facebook status or scrolling through pictures on Instagram? What stories we are going to tell our children if we lived only virtual life? Couples, friends, families comes to restaurant for special occasions to have a meal and what would they do first? They take a picture and upload it on social media. They hardly talk to each other, because everyone is too busy on their phones. And we call it a 'Quality time'. Doesn't it make you sad?

There is so many beautiful things out there - in real life. We not enjoying sun anymore, we are missing out on so many things in this world, because we are too busy building our virtual empire. I missed those days, when we never even thought about having a mobile phone or a laptop, we were way too busy playing outside with REAL friends, not on Facebook. When we used to get up as early as possible to make the most of our days, playing outside, discovering ourselves. But look at the teenagers now - armed with BlackBerries, Iphones or any other newest inventions. This is all wrong. 
We need to get outside more often, spend more time with our families and real friends. We need to start appreciate what has been given to us - life. And I am talking about the real life. Laugh more, sing more, dance more, touch more, hug more, kiss more - it's never too much of real things. Let's make some changes in ourselves. Get up now and hug someone who is right next to you. Live life! 


  1. Great post!!! :)
    I totally agree with you, technologie did change our lives a lot, I miss my childhood were we used to play all day long outside and enjoy the sunny days with my friends!

    Nikoleta, xoxo.

  2. I couldn't agree more, but yet we find ourselves, here, online. :) I am just joking :) It's interfering our lives too much I suppose. Good theme tho, I love it ;)

  3. I agree, it's sad! When I was little, I didn't have a laptop, phone or anything! I read books and played in the garden. People are turning into robots! x

  4. Hi! I've nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award, you can see my post on it here:

    Lois x

  5. wooow! Beautiful photo, love it ^_^
    xoxo Anastasia