Things I’m Looking Forward To Over The Next 12 Months

As we fast approaching February, I have been challenged to share what I'm looking forward to this year. I haven't really thought about it or maybe there is not many things I have on my plan. I don't like planing things, it's just never worked for me. Sometimes it's better to go with the flow.
But here are my little plans for the next 12 months:


 Me and my other half will be traveling somewhere sunny for May, we still haven't decided where. Beach break for sure.


Long days, short nights. Always smiling and full of energy. Hurry up summer!!

My birthday

As I am turning 25 this year, it's gotta be big. Every year me and my partner travel somewhere out the country to celebrate my birthday. This year we are thinking big. Maybe Dubai? Maybe USA? Maybe Caribbean? Oh so many places to go, so not enough time!

My blog's 1 year birthday

At the beginning of November my blog turns one. I am so excited to see how it grows slowly and I am looking forward to see the results after a year. I have already met some amazing people, hoping to meet some more!

Visit my family

It's been nearly 2 years I haven't been back home (Lithuania) and I really missed my family and friends. So fingers crossed, this year I will get a chance to visit them all.

As I said, I only have few things to look forward to for now, but i hope life throws something exciting later on. 

'Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.'
-Albert Einstein 

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  1. I am also sort of planning out a holiday for summer. Not sure where I want to go yet x