What's inside my handbag

 So it's 1st of Feb and lovely blogger Aavahg invited me to accept her February challenge, post many different her listed posts everyday! Omg, I am sure I won't be able to do it everyday, 'coz it's insane! 
Oh, Akvile why did you do this to me?! lol
Anyway, first challenge was to show what's inside my bag. Ok, this is getting serious now, as I always thought that woman's handbag is super private. Even my partner is not allowed to get anywhere close my bag! In my personal opinion its like someone stepping into your very intimate space, maybe I'm being silly, but it has always been this way to me. It's not necessarily I have something very private inside, but I've been raised that way. As a kid I was never allowed to get in to my mum's handbag and play with her makeup. She always told me: Make it look like you have a secret, even if there is nothing to hide, it's just more fun this way. And trust me, it worked really well! My other half always asks me what am I hiding in there, and if he lays his hands on my bag - oh boy, I will go mental! haha
So, my secret is revealed! Take a look inside:


Of course! I would not leave my house without a bottle of my favorite fragrance. I know, it just an extra weight in my bag, but I like to know that I always smell nice! 

 Phone and hand cream

 Well, thats obvious. Mobile phone has never been left at home, so as hand cream. I hate my hands being dry, so I will always have something to moisturize it. 

 Cinema tickets

 I have to admit, you would always find cinema tickets in my bag. I, literally, spend more time at the cinema than at home. One ticket changing another, so here is my latest seen movie 'Most violent year'. 

Sunglasses, some makeup products, headphones

 I will ALWAYS have sunglasses in my bag, no matter what season we are in. First because I am obsessed with eye wear, second I have very sensitive eyes and it gets watery in the sun or because of the wind. Makeup products would be lipstick , of course, and some other stuff like lipliner or mineral powder, to fix my makeup during the day. Headphones is must have in my bag! 

Hair brush and notepad

 My TT is always traveling with me, anywhere I go, for obvious reasons. And notepad is to write down ideas for blog posts, or reminders 'coz I have the worst memory on earth!

 Mirror and charger cable

This mirror means a lot and it's always with me. I've got it on the first holiday with my boo, it has the date engraved of the day we met. Charger cable is necessary, as I use my phone a lot, so the battery won't last me all day. 

Notebook and purse

I love reading books while I'm on my way to work, it's a great way to 'disconnect' myself while I'm on the bus. I've just finished book by David Pelzer ''A man named Dave'', it's very inspiring work. It's my second read of this author. Highly recommend to read his books. Back to my bag, last would be my purse, of course. Bank cards, advantage cards, coupons, money and some coins hiding inside. 


  1. Hahaha, loved your post :)) I was so excited to read it, that I was refreshing your page today :D :D Your purse is so cute. Where did you get it from? :)

    1. Oh thanks, sweetie! You always brighten up my day with your comments :) x
      My purse is from Primark, adorable isn't it? x

  2. :) What? Why don't I have Primark next to me?? Probably it's good tho, because I would be visiting it every day :)

    1. I know, I used to be like that! haha Now I just try to walk past without even looking at it! haha

  3. Lol! It is a good challenge! I think the same as you that my bag is a very private place. I may write a post like this some day. It is fun! Thank you so much for visiting my blog again! Please come back more for my daily post! ;)
    By the way, you are so pretty!

  4. I LOVE "What's in my bag" posts! I don't know why .. I guess it does have something to do with the whole "purses are secretive" bit haha

    Your wallet is so cute!

    Ree // Coffee with Ree