SEVENTEEN Miracle Matte Loose Powder

Hey ho! 
Lately everything has been all about matte or velvet finish. Lipsticks, foundations, nail polishes, eyeshadows, etc. Why all of the sudden we turned in to matte? Who dulled our sparkle? I have been obsessed with matte lipsticks and foundations myself, so I am not complaining. 
Recently I have bought quite few lipsticks and not all of them had velvet or matte finish. So I was looking for methods how to make my lipsticks matte. And thats where I came across SEVENTEEN Miracle Matte Loose Powder. I have watched few tutorials how to turn any lipstick into matte and all of these tutorials had transparent powder involved. I had to get it and try it out myself. So I went to Boots and grabbed this SEVENTEEN Miracle Matte Loose Powder, which retails for a very reasonable price £5.49. The main purpose me buying this powder was, basically, to make my lipsticks more matte and last longer. I know it supposed to be for your face, but I was way too happy using it for my lips. And I can say, it really turns ANY lipstick in to velvet smooth, no shine, just long lasting, matte lipstick! How great it is? 
I have used it for face aswell, of course. I really like this powder at the moment, it is so light weight, it will seal your concealer or foundation and makes it last for ages!This powder gives airbrushed skin effect and it makes your foundation look flawless. It's kind of like white powder, which disappears as soon as you start rubbing it. It doesn't leave any marks or anything like that. And I can guarantee you, that this jar will last you for ages! You only need a small amount for great results. 

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Perfect nail color for spring

Hey everyone!
As it's all about pastels now and I found perfect shade for my everyday nails. I have fallen in love with this color so much that I can not get enough of it! The nail polish I am talking about is 430 Prickly Pear by Barry M. It's a very light, milky, pastel purple shade, which is perfect for every day nails. This Gelly Hi-Shine nail varnish has some serious shine on it's own, but once applied with Gelly Hi-Shine Plumping topcoat you get some amazing results. I have always loved Barry M nail varnishes as they have wide range of colors and new collections every season. They've recently released Speedy Quick Dry nail polishes, which has some amazing colors! I haven't tried it yet, but I am sure I will grab few very soon. The Plumping topcoat is also new product, which I really like. It dries very quickly and it adds beautiful shine to my nails, it also feels like you would have gel nails on. I love love love this combination! 

What is your favorite shade for your nails? 

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Rimmel London Moisture Renew Lipstick

I am back again with lipsticks! I am obssesed with buying new ones everytime I go to Boots or Superdrug. This time I picked Rimmel London Moisture Renew Lipstick. It's great lipstick for just £6.49. The color I went for is 180 Vintage Pink, which is kind of hard to explain. It's very milky, mauve, pink toned color, with a hint of purple. I have been looking for similar shade for ages now and I am so happy I have came across this one. The lipstick has great lasting power and it is smooth and creamy. It is not patchy at all. Texture-wise, it's great! I think Rimmel lipsticks are the best quality out of the drugstore lipsticks. They're always creamy, and moisturizing. This in particular has such a rich texture that you can feel moisture all day, while you wearing it. It's not shimmery, thank goodness, as I can not stand shimmery lippies! No offense for those who wearing it. 
Once applied the lipstick, it leaves your lips lightly glossy and I like to wear it this way sometimes, but I tend to to mattify it from time to time and it still looks great! Lipstick glides super easily without making an effort to apply it. The packaging is very glamorous and  looks more expensive than it actually is. I think I will be purchasing some more colors of these lipsticks, as I am really loving it at the moment. 

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*With flash
*Without flash

Aussie Shower Smoothie

Hey beauties!
I am going to post a bit different review this time, I fell in love with this product so much that I had to share it with you. While browsing through one of my favorite shops Superdrug, I came across this Aussie Shower Smoothie . Everytime I go past shampoos section in the shops, I used to stop just to smell Aussie's products, because I could not use any different shampoos just Head & Shoulders, as my hair don't like any different ones ( I know it's weird ). Aussie's shampoo's and conditioner's smell kind of reminds me of  the times when I used to play with dolls. Their hair used to smell exactly the same! haha I know it sounds crazy, but that's the only thing comes to my head when I smell those shampoos. So after I saw that Aussie started making their shower gels I knew I would love the smell. And boy, I was right! 
This shower smoothie is something out of this world. The smell of it is DIVINE! I picked mine with Australian Madcadamia nut oil and omg, it literally smells like bubble gum from your childhood. They also have different types of gels to choose from. Everytime I am super excited to go shower because I know I will be using this shower gel (or I should say smoothie ). It leaves my skin very soft and moisturized. Scent stays on the skin for a while. It's very thick consistency, something like gel so when it comes out of the bottle you don't waste any product. I would highly recommend trying this shower smoothie out, you won't be disappointed!

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Lip Care: Carmex

Hey guys! 
I hope you are all well. It's crazy how fast time flies and I really can't believe it's nearly April! 2 more months untill my holiday- whoop whoop! 
Anyways, today I thought to write about this little miracle you can literally find in any drugstore or your local supermarket. Yes, as you can tell it's Carmex lip balms. I bought one of these few months ago and I haven't had chapped lips ever since! I have seen this product for years and years and everyone was talking how good it is. But I was too much in to my Burt's Bees lip balms, so I wasn't intrested at all. But after noticing that my lips still dry and chapped even after balm application I thought I need to change my loved Burt's Bees in to something else, as by the looks of it they have changed the formula which didn't worked for me. So I thought it's time to get my hands on Carmex. The first tube of mine was cherry scent balm. Omg, this smells amazing! At first I was using it just because of it's scent and how plumpy it makes my lips look. It literally looks like you have A LOT fuller lips. Once you apply it on, it gives you this funny tingling. After my first application I was like 'Omg, what the heck is going on? Why does it feel so weird?' But you just get used to it. Once I finished my first tube I went to my Superdrug and got them in strawberries scent and original one. I know they do a lot more flavours, but it was out of stock so I had to satisfy my needs with what i've got. 


Consistency. Balms in tube has thick, creamy texture and glides on easily. Tined balms are more like vaseline type. If it's cold and you are using it outside, it could get dificult to get the product on your fingers if you not warm it up in your hands before application.
I love applying tubed balms over my lipsticks, specialy pink and nude shade. It gives gorgous shine and makes my lips look much fuller. The original balms in the jar is great remedy for a very dry and chapped lips, I tend to apply loads before bed and in the morning my lips feels super soft.

Packaging. I personally prefer the jar, as you don't use the product as much as the tube ones. Product being in the jar means you have to use your fingers to apply it, which is a bit messy and not very hygenic, so the tube is much better on this one, but you use a lot more product and finish it much quicker. So it's kind of 50/50.

I use Carmex not only for my lips, I will use it on any dry patches on my face or my cuticles to give that needed moisture. It's great product for a great price. Balms cost just over £2, some shops sell it even cheaper. So grab yourself one, if you haven't tried it yet!
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Benefit The POREfessional primer - is it worth all the fuss?

 My answer is straight forward - no! I don't know what is magical about it, but it just didn't work for me. As I mentioned in my previous post I haven't used many primers, so I can't compare. But I have been using L'Oreal Infallible Mattifying Primer for a while now and I can easily say that it's much much better then Benefit The POREfessional primer. Maybe the formula just didn't work for me? It made my skin look greasy after few hours, which is something you would not expect from such an expensive product. Luckily, I only purchased the 7.5ml tube for only £4 from LatestInBeauty website. I would of been very upset spending £24 for a product which I didn't liked at all.
This primer didn't even hide my pores and to apply my foundation it took me twice as long, because I had to work it really well until it was all the way I wanted. My make up was all 'melted' by the afternoon and needed a GOOD retouch to make it all look right again. I absolutely adore Benefit Roller Lash mascara and some other products but this primer was a truly big disappointment. 
I am sorry for Benefit fans and those people who really liked this primer. This is another example that if the product is right for many people, it doesn't mean it is going to be right for you. We all have unique skin types, so we have to look for something what is best for us. 

Have you tried this Benefit primer? What are your thoughts?

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Cheaper Alternative - USpicy 10 Piece Make Up Brushes Set

Hello my beautiful friends!
I know that there are many girls out there who can't afford to splash out on professional make up brushes. I am not gonna lie - I am one of them. So we all love finding some cheap alternatives that would work just the same or atleast close to those expensive brushes. One day I came across this set, while reading someone's blog. Reviews wasn't bad at all and best of all the price was super affordable. I ordered my set right away on Amazon ( gosh, I love this website!). USpicy 10 piece makeup brushes set retails for only £12.99!  I am not sure if it's a temporary price, as it's says that previous prices was £35.99. 
You can order it here.

Brushes comes in super cute packaging, considering the price manufacturers really made an effort to please their customers. And they definitely know what every girl likes! Just look at it - box decorated with adorable bow and brushes have gold details, which every girl finds hard to resist. Brushes are packed individually, and comes with user manual in few different languages.

Brushes has a very strong chemical smell once opened first, but if you wash it first before you use it, the smell will disappear right away. You can choose from 2 different colors - black and white. Both looks stunning, but I picked mine in white, as I think it looks more luxurious. Wooden handles are thick, but it's easy to hold for optimum control. Handles has gold tone ferrules and brand's name (USpicy) on it. The bristles are super soft and it feels exactly like Real Technique's brushes! 

Set comes with 10 brushes for different uses: 

  • Flat brush
  • Tapered brush
  • Flat angled brush
  • Angled brush
  • Round brush


  • Precision flat brush
  • Precision tapered brush
  • Precision flat angled brush
  • Precision angled brush
  • Precision round brush

You get user manual, which comes in few different languages. It describes every brush and what it's used for. I cannot be more happier with these Real Technique dupes. It is so affordable and the quality of the brushes is just amazing! It feels so soft on your face. I haven't been using it for long enough to let you, guys, know if any bristles fell out, but I haven't had any problems so far. But hey, even if it will start falling out I only paid £12.99, so it's not a big deal! I highly recommend this beautiful set. It would make a perfect gift for someone. 

Let me know if you have used it and what you think about it. 

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Mother's Day with Flowers

 Hey lovelies!
As Mother's Day is just around the corner, I have been thinking what to get for my mum and not surprisingly I am out of ideas. Many things have crossed my mind, but none of them looked like a good choice. My mum has tons of creams, perfumes and many other stuff that I would normally get her, so I was just going crazy! I don't think it's nice to get clothes or something like that on Mother's Day. In my personal opinion, this day should be filled with love and what could express love more than flowers? 
So I thought I will stick to a very traditional, old fashion present - flowers. I didn't want just go to supermarket and get my mum a simple bouquet, I wanted something different. And thats where I found Iflorist. While browsing on internet I got stuck on this website, as they had sooo many GORGEOUS options to choose from.  I mean seriously, they have all different kind of flowers to suit every mum's taste! I really wanted to share it with you guys, maybe you will find something for your mum. And Iflorist is not only about flowers, they do many different gift boxes, fruit hampers, cheese hampers, wines, spirits and many more. Combine flowers and a little treat for your mum, what could be better?

You know those episodes in the movies, when girl sits at home, bored to death and suddenly she hears the door bell, after opening the door she sees a delivery man with a bunch of flowers asking to sign? Yeah, I know it's romantic, right? So Iflorist will do exactly the same thing for your mum or even for you (because, why not?). Getting flowers delivered the same day at your door step!
Talking about price, some bouquets cost over £40 which you can find expensive, but you can definitely grab something for just over £20! So rather than getting flowers from your local supermarket, you can order unique bouquet which will be delivered right in to your mum's hands! And on top of that you get free standard delivery and free personalised greetings card.

Now, I would never order anything online if there is no reviews or feedbacks. It's important to me, that majority of the feedback would be positive and Iflorist have it all. This only shows that I can trust this company to make my mum's day special. 

*PR sample

Let me know what are you getting for your mum? Would that be a bouquet of flowers or some other treats? 

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Light Painting in Photography

Today I am posting a little bit different post. It's related to my biggest passion - photography. I have seen some awesome pictures online involving light painting and I thought I need to try it myself! So one night I played with it a little and I was pleasantly surprised how it turned up. It was so much fun! 

So what is light painting photography?

It is a photographic technique in which exposures are made by moving a hand-held light source while taking a long exposure photograph, either to illuminate a subject or to shine a point of light directly at the camera. Light painting can also describe works where the camera itself is moved during exposure.  What you actually doing while taking the shot – painting with light. 

All the pictures uploaded on this post is taken by me, for the first time. Of course, it needs a lot more practice.

What have I used?

  • Tripod (essential)
  • DSLR camera
  • Torch
  • Camera remote

 Settings to achieve the best results

  • Shutter Speed- between 11 to 30 seconds for a longer exposure (BULB mode)
  • Aperture - between f/8 and f/32
  • ISO - 100 or 200

You can adjust your camera's settings as necessary to achieve the effect that you desire.

  Light Painting Photography For Beginners Tips 

  • With the camera securely on the tripod, mark the spot where you will be using the light source, so that it is framed in the camera. Manually set the camera in this manner.
  • Use the lowest ISO value that your camera offers. This will provide a photograph with the least amount of noise, or grainy feature.
  • Aperture should be set to encompass a wider depth of field (DOF), so the smaller, the better.
  • Exposure time will depend on the ISO and aperture setting, but starting within an exposure range of 30 seconds usually works best.
  • Shoot light painting pictures in a darkroom, or outside after dark. Some ambient moonlight or surrounding lights can add to the background photo, if you would like to incorporate the background into the composition.
  • Standing on your previously marked spot (within the camera frame), get creative and move the light source to be captured on the exposure. Wearing dark-colored clothing prevents you from being seen in the photograph.

 Resources found here.

 I hope you enjoyed this fun technique! I am looking forward to try it outside with a little bit more light.  If you have a possibility to try it yourself I would highly recommend it as it's so much fun! 

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