Benefit The POREfessional primer - is it worth all the fuss?

 My answer is straight forward - no! I don't know what is magical about it, but it just didn't work for me. As I mentioned in my previous post I haven't used many primers, so I can't compare. But I have been using L'Oreal Infallible Mattifying Primer for a while now and I can easily say that it's much much better then Benefit The POREfessional primer. Maybe the formula just didn't work for me? It made my skin look greasy after few hours, which is something you would not expect from such an expensive product. Luckily, I only purchased the 7.5ml tube for only £4 from LatestInBeauty website. I would of been very upset spending £24 for a product which I didn't liked at all.
This primer didn't even hide my pores and to apply my foundation it took me twice as long, because I had to work it really well until it was all the way I wanted. My make up was all 'melted' by the afternoon and needed a GOOD retouch to make it all look right again. I absolutely adore Benefit Roller Lash mascara and some other products but this primer was a truly big disappointment. 
I am sorry for Benefit fans and those people who really liked this primer. This is another example that if the product is right for many people, it doesn't mean it is going to be right for you. We all have unique skin types, so we have to look for something what is best for us. 

Have you tried this Benefit primer? What are your thoughts?

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  1. I haven't tried this but I tried their 16 hour primer and it didn't really do anything. Glad I didn't try that one as its too expensive not to like

  2. I haven't tried it, but my friend who has it has the similar oppinion to yours, so I don't think I will ever buy it - name of a brand costs more that the product itself :)

  3. This is really interesting! I haven't tried it but many people rave about it.. Its good to see you giving such an honest review :) So helpful thank you x

  4. I didn't. I use the one from Gosh - it's my number one!

  5. I've tried this & I was so disappointed! My foundation just does not go on as well over it and it makes the foundation oily and uneven

  6. This is such a shame as I love this product and it works so well with my skin.