Perfect nail color for spring

Hey everyone!
As it's all about pastels now and I found perfect shade for my everyday nails. I have fallen in love with this color so much that I can not get enough of it! The nail polish I am talking about is 430 Prickly Pear by Barry M. It's a very light, milky, pastel purple shade, which is perfect for every day nails. This Gelly Hi-Shine nail varnish has some serious shine on it's own, but once applied with Gelly Hi-Shine Plumping topcoat you get some amazing results. I have always loved Barry M nail varnishes as they have wide range of colors and new collections every season. They've recently released Speedy Quick Dry nail polishes, which has some amazing colors! I haven't tried it yet, but I am sure I will grab few very soon. The Plumping topcoat is also new product, which I really like. It dries very quickly and it adds beautiful shine to my nails, it also feels like you would have gel nails on. I love love love this combination! 

What is your favorite shade for your nails? 

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  1. You've just inspired my to buy a new nail polish :D This color is sooooo pretty! :)


    1. You need new nail polish - we all need it! lol You go girl! haha xx

  2. Love the pictures. I always prefer nude color, or a red :) And not so much I have :)

  3. This colour is beautiful! I have the Blueberry colour in this collection! It's a gorgeous pastel blue!

  4. What a gorgeous color! & yes it is so perfect for Spring :D