SEVENTEEN Miracle Matte Loose Powder

Hey ho! 
Lately everything has been all about matte or velvet finish. Lipsticks, foundations, nail polishes, eyeshadows, etc. Why all of the sudden we turned in to matte? Who dulled our sparkle? I have been obsessed with matte lipsticks and foundations myself, so I am not complaining. 
Recently I have bought quite few lipsticks and not all of them had velvet or matte finish. So I was looking for methods how to make my lipsticks matte. And thats where I came across SEVENTEEN Miracle Matte Loose Powder. I have watched few tutorials how to turn any lipstick into matte and all of these tutorials had transparent powder involved. I had to get it and try it out myself. So I went to Boots and grabbed this SEVENTEEN Miracle Matte Loose Powder, which retails for a very reasonable price £5.49. The main purpose me buying this powder was, basically, to make my lipsticks more matte and last longer. I know it supposed to be for your face, but I was way too happy using it for my lips. And I can say, it really turns ANY lipstick in to velvet smooth, no shine, just long lasting, matte lipstick! How great it is? 
I have used it for face aswell, of course. I really like this powder at the moment, it is so light weight, it will seal your concealer or foundation and makes it last for ages!This powder gives airbrushed skin effect and it makes your foundation look flawless. It's kind of like white powder, which disappears as soon as you start rubbing it. It doesn't leave any marks or anything like that. And I can guarantee you, that this jar will last you for ages! You only need a small amount for great results. 

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  1. I love that trick of setting your lips with loose powder. It also helps a ton with the longevity of your lipstick too!