Things I'm loving on Sunday

Hello angels!
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Shame that it flies by so quickly! Sunday is a rest day for me. No rush, no stress - just time for myself. So I thought to share what I am loving on Sunday, as I decided to have a lazy one because of the weather. 

New Glamour magazine issue - enjoying lazy time in bed with new magazine is my favorite part of those lazy days. This magazine comes with a Balance Me skincare products, which you can choose different one with your magazine.

I have been treated by my boyfriend with those gorgeous flowers! So it definitely brighten up my day and put a smile on my face for the rest of the week!

I love to treat myself with some beauty procedures on Sundays. So today I have been concentrating on my face and used these face masks. I picked Balance Me radiance face mask with Glamour magazine, which retails for £12 in the shops, but I paid only £2 for the magazine! What a bargain! Boots peel off face mask has to be my favorite, as it really helps to reduce the spots.

While pampering myself, I was rocking and rolling in my headphones with one tune in particular, it's Disciples -They Don't Know. Omg, it's such a good tune! It really puts you in to that dance mood.

Watching cartoons it's like a tradition on Sunday. Today I watched Big Hero 6 (again!). It is such a nice cartoon, I highly recommend to watch it if you haven' seen it yet!

I probably should of mentioned it first, but I absolutely love my breakfast! I will start my morning with Kellogg's All Bran flakes, LactoFree milk and fruits. If you are lactose intolerant like me, I would recommend this milk as it tastes exactly like a normal milk. So that's a bonus! 

Let me know what you like to do on Sundays. 

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  1. Beautiful photos! Its a shame for me sunday is spent doing college work haha x

  2. Those flowers are beautiful!! It sounds like you're having a great Sunday! My Sundays are usually filled with face masks and writing posts! x

  3. Your man is great bringing such a beautiful flowers to You!!! And pictures are great and bright as Sunday sun! Have a good week start