Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick: 128 Starry Eyed

Hey guys!
I am back with new lipstick, which I have been loving so much lately. It's Rimmel Lasting Finish in shade 128 Starry Eyed. I don't know what is it about this shade, but I am so much in to it, that it makes me reach for this lippie everytime I go out. The shade is brownish, burgundy red, kind of red wine color. It is perfect for nights and looks super dramatic wearing during the day. I have to say it's the first shade that I love seeing on myself, it's not like I don't like my other lipsticks, but I feel like this one looks the best on me! It really makes my eyes pop, specially if I add a bit of black eyeliner.

Every bargain hunter knows how good Rimmel products are, I have quite few lipsticks myself and they are all really great quality. It lasts for ages and you have plenty of colors to choose from. Price has always been super affordable and this lipstick is no exception, retailing for £4.99 you can't go wrong. The packaging is simple and travel friendly.
Let's move back to Starry Eyed shade, I have uploaded few pictures taken with flash and few without, in natural day light. You can tell a bit of difference when flash gets involved in photo, shade looks a bit more like dark red, rather than brownish burgundy. But I still like how it looks. The consistency is creamy and not drying, but if you have dry lips I would recommend add some lip balm before applying your lipstick.

This color looks great in matte, so I tend to apply some translucent powder which I recently reviewed and you can read it here. It also makes your lipstick last longer. I am so inlove with this color, it's probably going to be my 'go to' lippie for a long time! Let me know what you think about this shade. I would love to read your opinions!
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  1. Stunning color! :) I love Rimmel lipstics for their affordable prices and good color pay-off

  2. This colour is beautiful! My favourite lipstick at the moment is the Kate range in 107, its a deep red!

  3. This shade is perfect! You look sooo gorgeous!

  4. Wow, this lipstick is gorgeous- it definitely brings out the colour of your eyes so well! :O