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I've always loved reading those posts about what others have on their phones, you can always find some very useful apps and because I am nosy, I like to go through people's phones (sorry, no sorry). I thought why not share what is on my phone and maybe some of you will discover apps that you will use it in the future. Now, I have loads, and I mean loads, unnecessary crap on my phone, which I don't even use, but it just happened that I am too lazy go through my phone and delete the ones I don't use. So I will share the apps that I use and I think they are great.
 So what's on my phone? 


Covet fashion - omg, I am literally obsessed with this game! It might sounds boring, coz it's not much action going on in there, but the fun of dressing your doll takes over. You enter events to get some cash and points, you win clothes for your wardrobe and unlock new hairstyles and make up looks. You can find tons of inspiration for your outfits too.

CandyCrush - I don't think I need to make comments on this game. Everyone knows it, everyone played it and everyone gets obsessed with it.
CandyCrush Soda - when I get stuck on regular CandyCrush or run out of lives, this comes handy. It's very similar to normal game, just few new features. 


TuneIn Radio - when I get fed up with my music, I jump on this radio app. It's very cool because you can listen radio stations from all over the world! 

iDownloader - I use this to download music. It saves so much time and hassle, because as you all know Iphones has this stupid system that you have to add new songs only through Itunes. So this app is a life saver when you have a song stuck in your head and you need to download it right away.


CamScanner - it allows you to scan your documents, pictures or some other stuff. So if you need to scan your paperwork and send it to someone this is perfect!

HMRC - as I am a tax payer in United Kingdom, this app has all information I need to know. You can calculate your tax, get useful numbers, etc.

Countdown - when you are excited waiting for special event this app will tell you exactly how many months, days, hours or even seconds left.


NoCrop - when you take a selfie and you want to upload it on Instagram just the way it is, this app will allow you to do so.

PsExpress - basically, Photoshop on your phone! 

Retouch - I use this app if I want to remove annoying background in pictures or a spot on my chin. haha Very helpful!

Darkroom - just another photo editing app with different filters and tools to improve your pics. 

So that's my favorite apps I use all the time and helps me a lot when I need it. Let me know if you have any other good and useful apps I could download on my phone. Thanks! 

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