OOTD: Stripey dress and Denim shirt

Sunny and warm day off work, what could be better? Sometimes it's so nice to have some time off and catch up with a friend. This is exactly what I did today, much needed day for myself, sun and girly chat definitely brighten up my mood a little bit. For this day I chose comfortable outfit, because where my friend lives there is many hills involved. As we all know, England is very famous for its bumps and hills. And of course, no one wants to walk up and down the hill in heels, right? Stripey midi dress and denim shirt seemed to be a good idea. I am a huge fan of casual outfits, I feel the best wearing something simple and comfortable. Don't get me wrong, I love to feel glamorous too, so few days in a week I do put my killer heels on! Now, look at my hair... How short it is?! As I've mentioned in my previous post I visited my hairdresser and asked her to cut all my damaged ends, so here it is what I have left... Heartbreaking. But hey ho, it's all going to grow back! 

Let me know what outfits you like to wear the most.

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  1. I love throwing on a denim shirt over a dress, it makes the combo so casual and cool! You look gorgeous! XO -Kim

    1. Same here Kim! xx Thank you for your lovely comment xx

  2. You look lovely as usual sweetheart, wonderful post! xxxxx


  3. Beautiful outfit! :)