Hello Autumn

nutella, croiissant, coffee, autumn fall

So I am back again... It's been so long since I wrote something on my blog and I am sorry about that. I will have to be honest with you, I had some serious thoughts to shut down my website. I just simply couldn't find ANY motivation to sit down and write. I felt like I just don't like blogging anymore. The past few months have been so busy, I still can't believe summer is now gone. Since I have been promoted at work, I barely have time for anything... I am trying to show my best results at work and by the time I get home I feel exhausted and writing a blog post sounds like a huge challenge. Everyday I felt guilty for not posting anything, everyday I was planning to make some shots for my blog, but the results never satisfied me, so I would just leave it till the next day. And that's how it got me to two weeks of silence on my blog.

So you say it's autumn now, huh? Well, it's my favorite season of the year, so I have nothing to complain about! I absolutely love fall, it's the most romantic time of the year. Loads of coffee, chocolate croissants, sweaters and coats, bold burgundy lips, layers and layers of clothes and I can finally wear all of my fedora hats! Yay! I feel like I can show my real self during this season, you ask why? Maybe it's because I was born in autumn! haha
My birthday is coming up and on the 1st of October I will be able to say I am half way to 50! Oh my God... This makes me feel so old, for some damn reason... I have quite few plans for September and October: my cousin is coming over to visit me for the first time, my birthday and then trip back home (after nearly 3 years!). I am so excited and now I fell like I am full of energy to do everything! I want to start reading again, as I found it was impossible to read in summer. I can't wait for weekend walks in the park, take 125468621335 pictures of leaves and other autumnal stuff you dont really need. You know... Outfit shots with amazing backgrounds created by mother nature. Oh, I am such a dreamer when it comes to this season! haha

I want to thank you for those who never forgot me and sent me lovely messages asking where did I disappeared. It touches my heart that someone is still coming back to check my page everyday to see if there is a new post. I am really sorry if I've disappointed any of you. I will try to keep my inspiration levels up high. So, Autumn, you better be good to me! haha

Lots of love,
Indre xoxo

nutella, croiissant, coffee, autumn fall