Struggles living abroad: My story

I wanted to write this post a while ago, but never got to the point writing it. Since it's all about refugees and migrants on the news and internet at the moment, I thought it might be the right time to sit down and talk about my struggles living abroad.

If your country cannot guarantee a better future for you and your family, you will be thinking about changes and how to make things easier for yourself. And sometimes you are left with only one option - moving abroad. This is how I ended up living in United Kingdom. I moved here over 5 years ago. And no, I did not came here for benefits as most of the British people thinks (sorry, no offense). I came here to work and slowly build my future. If we had the same economy back home as UK has, I would be happily living in my beautiful country Lithuania. But, unfortunately, things didn't worked out that way. So I wanted to talk about my biggest struggles I've went through since I moved:

FOREIGNER. This word it's going to be like a label you will always carry on your back. And the way it sounds from other people's lips upsets me a lot sometimes. One day, I was just standing at the bus stop, when english woman approached me screaming to my face 'Get out of my country, bloody foreigner, you taking our jobs!'. I didn't know how to react, I just stood there on my own, without saying anything and carried on waiting for my bus. There was so much hate in her eyes... It made me really upset and I burst in to tears as soon I got home. How did she even know I wasn't british? Does my face looks different? Even if it does, who gave her right to shout at me for no reason? Where all this hate comes from?

LANGUAGE. Learning to speak new language is terrifying. Everyone talks different, there are million different accents and even though they say exact the same thing, it might sound completely different. I couldn't speak English five years ago, I've learned it when I came to this country. I have accent, because every country has different dialects, but sometimes people like to make fun of the way you say certain words. But wait a minute, what other languages do you speak? Can you say the that english word in lithuanian the way I do? No, you can't and you never will. So why don't we just appreciate the fact that someone is actually trying to learn and speak your language.

FRIENDS AND FAMILY. This is my biggest struggle. It's incredibly hard to leave everything behind and move to the other side of the world. I moved here with my mum and my brother, so the rest of my family is left behind. The first months it was nightmare, I didn't want to leave the house, I just wanted to stay in bed and cry all day. I had nothing, no friends, no plans, no job. But then I started working, probably the worst job I could ever get and working 16 hours a day for few pennies, so I can make a fresh start. And slowly I got used to the routine, until those memories of fun times back home start running through my head. Specially on Christmas and birthdays... I get this empty feeling. I just don't look forward to any special day in a year, because I know I will celebrate it on my own.

So there it is, my biggest struggles living abroad. I could carry on listing, but I don't want to sound very negative, because there are plenty of amazing things you discover, learn and enjoy once you move abroad. It's kind of depressing and exciting new page in my life's book. But with years, I overcame the hardest part and the worst is now in the past. I love living here and I have no plans of moving back home. Maybe I will be heading somewhere else, maybe to the place that offers more sunshine. but for now, I will settle here. If you've moved to different country I would love to hear your story! 

Lots of love,
Indre xoxo


  1. Wow I can't believe someone approached you and said those horrible things to your face, that's incredible cruel and totally uncalled for! I love how honest this post is, there are a lot of perks to living abroad but as you mentioned there are a few things that people should be wary of too.. Wishing you a lovely day sweetheart. xxxxx

  2. Sorry about your struggles. I am glad that the worst is now in the past♥

  3. Atleast you have overcome those bad days and are in a better place I hope. It certainly is hard and life can turn us upside down from time to time but we learn to jump the hurdle. x