Fragrance: Paco Rabanne Olympea EDP

Anyone who knows me, they would agree I have a huge perfume obssesion. I love to smell good anytime and anywhere.

Once I saw add on TV about Paco Rabanne's perfume Olympea, I knew I will love it right away. If you know Paco Rabanne as a brand, I am sure you've heard about their Lady million perfume. It has been my signature scent for a long time. So the next day I went to Boots to smell it. And the smell blew me away... It was love at the first sniff (I suppose). Ever since, I was keep telling to everyone 'I need it'! And my partner probably got sick of it, so he got this beautiful set for my birthday! Yay! Bless him.

First of all, just look at the packaging. It's stunning! Love the pastel pink and gold combination, looks incredible. I think the idea for the bottle design and the rest of the packaging came from greek goddesses, this little crown around the edges of the bottle and angelic wings. Men's version has been released first, called Invictus which smells absolutely beautiful! My brother and my boyfriend loves it a lot, so do I.

The bottle looks so fragile just like a goddess, but the smell gives that strong and powerful woman's feeling. It's very sexy and captivating. One sniff is never enough, you just want more and more. I could literally bath in this perfume and still won't be enough! So let's have a look what Paco Rabanne says about it:

In 2015 a new chapter opens in the Paco Rabanne universe with Olympéa, a modern-day Cleopatra, the woman of all victories. Along her way, certainty and egos are broken, Gods awaken. Victorious and imperial, Olympéa has chosen her hero, the champion Invictus... Her magnetic eyes and her fragrance take us into the wake of her seduction. Her fragrance is a unique olfactory adventure, at the crossroads between the sensuality of salty vanilla accord and the freshness of floral notes.A fresh oriental fragrance whose balance of the accords forms a genuine Paco Rabanne signature. The green mandarin, boosted by the floral and aquatic essences of ginger lily and hydroponic jasmine, awakens the senses. The sensual and luminous salty vanilla accord brings carnal and addictive magnetism. The cashmere wood and Ambergris accord magnify the fragrance and form a divine and powerful trail.

3 accords:
1. Green mandarin - Ginger Lily - Hydroponic Jasmine
2. Salty Vanilla
3:.Cashmere Wood - Ambergris
What a beautiful and poetic description, huh? But as sweet as it sounds, I agree with every single word. You can smell all of the mentioned accords above, first it smells sweet and fruity and after a while it turns in much stronger woody scent. The staying power it's incredible, even on the the next day you can still smell it on your clothes. I've got 80ml bottle and it should last me pretty long time, but I'm still very careful when spraying it, I want to have it for as long as I can! haha The set comes with body lotion, which impressed me a lot. Most of the body lotions that comes with the perfume doesn't actually smell exactly the same, it has some weird scent to it, but this one smells identical.
I think it's one of those 'must have' perfumes on every girls vanity. The packaging looks gorgeous and it smells divine. Highly recommend it!

Lots of love,
Indre xoxo


  1. The packaging alone is out of this world gorgeous! Also your photography makes me want to go out and buy everything that you post about hehe. Lovely post as per usual dear! xxxxx

    1. Awww, thank you hun! xx I agree that packaging looks amazing! xx

  2. It looks so beautiful, I am loving the packaging! "Sweet and fruity then woody scent", it sounds amazing, something I'd definitely go for! I will make sure to check it out. x

    1. Thank you darling xx Let me know if you liked it :) xx

  3. Aw your partner did well getting you this set for your birthday. I got a sample of this in my goody bag at a recent event & I love it, smells so nice. I'll be gutted when I finish my mini sample x

    Beauty with charm

    1. I know, right! I am so lucky! haha xx
      You should get full size, it's worth the penny xx