What did I get for my birthday?

I know my b-day has already gone, but I still want to share my birthday presents I've received from amazing people. Normally I am not looking forward to this day, but this year I felt very special. I have been treated very well and received some amazing gifts. I have been surprised by wonderful people and it makes me realise how lucky I am to have those people in my life. Presents was coming days before and after my birthday. So lets have a look what I've received.

First present arrived from my best friend. She never fails to surprise me, she always makes me feel so special and loved. We don't see each other for years because of the distance, we dont talk for months, but we still have this special connection. I am so so happy to have someone like her in my life. We have spend few amazing years at college and this friendship always stayed the same. So I found her present right outside my door, left by a postman. It was a huge box filled with love and goodies. One thing, her presents always packed and wrapped so carefully and with so much love! She always comes up with amazing ideas to surprise me. 

Once I opened the box first thing I saw was this card. How cute and funny are those grannies? haha
My friend knows me too well! She just started making and selling amazing handmade soaps made from natural ingredients (you can find and buy it here), I was so happy to find them in the box! Then, there was The Body Shop hand cream with wild argan oil, which I was particularly happy about because I just finished mine and it smells amazing! Few months ago I posted a picture on my Instagram of Ted Baker's lip balms crying over it and how cute this packaging was. And guess what? I found it in the box! I was over the moon about it, I don't even want to use it, it's just too cute. And then this Ciate's nail polish set... Oh my goodness. The packaging and colours are just gorgeous! Everything was packed in stunning suitcase storage box with vintage Paris prints all over it. It looks incredible.

Next package was sent to me by an amazing blogger Akvile, she is the owner of Skinny Stalker blog. Now, I have to say this was very huge surprise for me. We never met in real life and found each other online just couple of months ago. We started talking and became really good friends. The fact that she made such a huge effort to send a birthday present to a person she never met before, warms my heart and puts very big smile on my face. Her present was very unique and I can see how much effort she put in to it. She made me a personalized mood board specially for my CurvyliciousMe blog. Added note cards, pins, stickers, etc. It will be great to write all blog ideas down or add pictures and prints. Its already hanging on the wall in the bedroom by my work desk. There was other gifts pinned on the board aswell, everything wrapped individually with a little notes attached. Omg, I've just realised that it's like on Pinterest!  How creative is that? And then I found another Ted Baker's product! These girls know me too well. Love love love this body wash, it's one of those products that looks incredibly good and posh anywhere you put it. So when it's empty, I am still going to keep it because the package it's too cute to be thrown away. She added some beauty product samples including Zoeva's eyeshadow bases, Maxfactor foundation, and Garnier cream. We were talking how amazing it would be to have a pen pal in 2015, so she sent me writing set, which made me laugh. It has like a letter sheets and envelopes with queen's guard illustration on. Its adorable! And then this notebook. Gosh, how did she know I was just about to buy one? The notebook has golden details all around it, with a quote 'Be wild and free'. It inspires me everytime I look at it. I absolutely love this diary.

Last, but not least some more presents I've received from my family and loved ones. My beautiful cousin got me a book. Its' 4th book from Sylvia's Day Crossfire series. It's something like 50 Shades of Grey series, erotic romance novel. I have finished this book in less than a week! Can't wait for the 5th one to come out. From my beloved boyfriend I've got Paco Rabanne Olympea perfume set. Oh my God, this perfume smells DIVINE! I was going on and on about it ever since it came out and to shut me up he got it for me. haha Love him to bits! And finally, I received 3 MAC matte lipsticks from my family. I chose the shades myself, so it was exactly what I wanted. I couldn't be happier with my choices! Reviews will be coming up very soon. Stay tuned!
Overall, I loved everything I've received. Every single present was thoughtful and given to me with love, which is the most important thing. I feel very blessed to have such an amazing people in my life. 

Lots of love,
Indre xoxo


  1. I hope you had a lovely day! Super jealous of your Mac pressies, lucky girl!

    XO Courtney | http://www.courtselizabeth.com/

  2. Tikrai kokios puikios ir mielos dovanos, o dar kai netiketai kazkas ateina, isvis malonu :) Lauksiu Mac lupdaziu iraso, taip smalsu :))


  3. You had some lovely gifts! Akvile seems to make such an effort, that board looks beautiful! Happy belated birthday :)