Bear with me...

Hey peeps!

Just when I think I am now settle and I can happily start blogging again, something has to come up and f*** everything around. Like seriously... I was so inspired and motivated to step up in the game and blog at least 3 - 4 times a week, but now all my plans has been ruined. My worst nightmare started on Monday. What is that, you ask? No internet connection! 

As bad as it sounds, I am totally lost and panicking how I am going to be able to blog! The worst thing is that I have no idea when I will be connected again. There was few changes in my life recently and it affected me emotionally. I feel so disappointed in everything that has been going on around me lately. I am trying to get back online as soon as possible, but only God knows how long it will take. So I am going to ask you do not give up on me. If I am lucky, I will try to upload at least one post a week. If not, please bear with me... 

Lots of love,
Indre xoxo


  1. Oh hun that is so annoying, nothing worse then being motivated to blog & then something like this happening. I know how you feel in a way as my laptop died (total nightmare) so I'm struggling trying to use my iPad for everything but it's definitely demotivating me... Hope it gets sorted out for you asap & maybe in the meantime you can sneak away to Starbuck for free wifi once in a while?! xx

  2. Aww hun, I hope that everything gets sorted! And of course we could never dream of deserting you! xxxxx

  3. We all go through those phases where nothing seems to be going right! Hang in there girly, we'll be here when you get back! XO -Kim

  4. Labai gerai žinau, kaip jautiesi - nuo tada kai susilaukiau Sofijos, man dažnai taip, niekas nepriklauso nuo manęs, o tai kartais veda iš proto. Išmokau pamoką ir dabar manęs jau taip lengvai neišmuši iš vėžių. Tokiais atvejais geriausia skirti laiko sau: paskaityk įdomią knygą, išgerk kavos, aplankyk draugus, o kai jau viskas bus susitvarkę, tuėsi dar daugiau energijos ir entuziazmo kibti į savo planus;)