Lush face and body mask: Cup O'Coffee

lush cup o'coffee face and body mask cleanse skin care routine

I have seen many reviews about  this product floating around the internet for the past month or so. And it is from my favourite brand Lush, it's one of their masks called Cup O'Coffe. Now, the name says it all. If you are not a coffee fan - stay away from this product! I personally cannot understand how can someone hate coffee. It's one of the best things God has sent for us!

Cup O'Coffee is exfoliating mask filled with natural goodies. The mask contains: Organic agave syrup, coffee infusion, coriander oil, roasted cocoa extract, fair trade vanilla absolute, ground coffee and many other amazing ingredients. I know coffee is very beneficial for our skin, I've read about DIY scrubs to fight cellulite and how amazing it works as exfoliator. So I popped in to my local Lush store and grabbed a pot to try it out. First thing first, the smell! Omg! It's amazing. I love coffee scented stuff, if I could find a perfume smelling like coffee I would buy it right away. I know it's weird, right? As I've mentioned, if you don't like coffee you might find the scent too overpowering as it has VERY intense coffee smell.

lush cup o'coffee face and body mask cleanse skin care routine

The consistency is very thick, not runny. I think you need a lot of product to cover the whole face (not to mention how much you will need to cover your body), so the pot is not going to last long. Mask cost £6.75 (150g) and you can get 4-5 uses out of it. On the tin it says to leave it for 10-15 minutes, but I like to keep it for a little longer, basically I remove it whenever I remember about it or when it starts to melt of my face haha. How lazy is that?
I always apply this mask before shower, so I can have a proper exfoliating session whilst I'm showering. This is quite harsh scrub and if you can't handle rough, you better skip it 'coz this sh*t hurts, girl! I mean it. The coffee bits are quite big and there is loads of them, so the whole rubbing process could get a little bit painful. But to be honest, I like it. I love massaging it gently all over my face in circular motions and washing it all of under the running water. And the comes the best part - results! My faces feels super soft! I've also noticed that my skin feels and looks a lot plumper and full of life. My skin tone seems to be a lot brighter aswell. The mask is very hydrating, I haven't experienced any tightness on my face after application (which happened a lot using different masks). Overall, I think Cup O'Coffee is going to be another favourite from Lush.

lush cup o'coffee face and body mask cleanse skin care routine

Let me know if you already tried it and what are your thoughts! 

Lots of love,
Indre xoxo


  1. Your photos are so dreamy! I really want to try this mask, purely out of curiosity! xxxxx

    1. Thank you darling! I would definitely recommend to try it out xx