L.A. Girl PRO.Conceal HD concealer

Since I've started blogging I have learned about so many new, different brands from all around the world. And one of them was L.A. Girl brand. It's an american brand, well known for many different products. But the most raved one has to be their L.A. Girl PRO.Conceal HD concealer.
Many youtubers was talking about it and my curiosity won me over - I had to get it. But as I live in UK, it was pretty hard to find the sellers. We cannot get it in the drugstores and the only option is ordering online. I hate ordering foundations and concealers online. I am always paranoid about the shades not matching my skin tone as the pictures not very accurate. L.A Girl offers 24 shades, which 3 of them are colour correctors (orange, green and yellow). Sounds amazing right? But that's where I went wrong. Normally all of my foundation shades would be Ivory or something close to that, so at first I went for Classic Ivory shade. It was too dark for my skin and had this salmon pink undertone to it, which looked very pink on me. So I had to get another one and I went for Light Ivory, and that one was a little bit closer to my shade, but still not quite there. I love bright under eyes, so my concealer would normally be 1 - 2 shades lighter than foundation. I've googled the lightest shade and that's where I found Porcelain. And it was THE ONE for my liking. 

Now let's have a look what manufacturers saying about the concealer: 

''Crease-resistant, opaque coverage in a creamy yet lightweight texture. The long-wearing formula camouflages darkness under the eyes, redness and skin imperfections. Provides complete, natural-looking coverage,evens skin tone, covers dark circles and minimizes fine lines around the eyes.
This blendable and buildable formula provides the ultimate, customizable coverage. This must-have concealer includes a soft brush-tip for easy application.''

-Camouflages the appearance of skin imperfections
-Evens out skin tone
-Covers dark circles
-Minimizes fine lines
-Provides customizable coverage

From left to right: Classic Ivory, Light Ivory, Porcelain

I agree about the consistency, which is super creamy and thick, but does not feel very heavy. I have tried blending it with the RT wet sponge and have to admit, I was very disappointed how hard it was to blend it out. But the product blends beautifully with the fingers, by lightly pressing and tapping around desired areas. The product dries out quickly so you need to work pretty fast. I don't have very dark under eye area, so cannot comment on how well it would cover dark circles, but I get those dark angry spots coming out every now and then, so this concealer covers them pretty well. Another thing I have to say IT DOES CREASE if you won't set it with the powder. I have deep laugh lines and after about 4-5 hours wearing it, the concealer would be sitting in my fine lines (but most of the concealers do anyway). I love how fresh my face looks after application. It can get a little bit tricky with the shades. Most of the light ones have very yellow undertone to it, but it's not big deal as we all about that Kim K look, right? You can also contour your face with the darker shades if you are in to cream contouring. My biggest NO NO for this product would be packaging. Why, oh why would they make it so hard to get the product out of the tube?! The applicator is terrible and the bristles of the brush are very rough. You have to squeeze the tube really hard to get something out and most of the times it would spit the product everywhere. 

Other than that, I like the actual concealer. It's very affordable and can be found on eBay (I bought mine here). Let me know what you think and if you have tried it yourself!

Lots of love,
Indre xoxo


  1. Do you think it's better than the maybelline fit me/the maybelline anti aging under eye one (with the sponge applicator? xx Lita

    1. What a great question Lita! x
      I am not a fan of fit me concealer for some reason, so I would say it is better. And as much as i love anti aging one, it is a bit heavy on my oily/combination skin. So i would say i prefer LA Girl one xx