L'oreal Paris: Brow Artist Plumper

Let's talk brows today, because for the past year or so eyebrows has been a huge thing. And I mean seriously important. You can go bare face, wear no make up at all, but your eyebrows must be on fleek. The thicker the better. Yup, we all know that. 
So for that reason, I wanted to talk about L'oreal Brow Artist Plumper, which is an eyebrow mascara.
L'oreal description:

The art of the brow made easy: in one strep, volumise and intensify brows for a plump effect. The precision brush allows expert like results in no time. Change your look to bold and beautiful.

Ultra-precise mini-brush
The ultra precise brush delivers the perfect amount of formula to intensify brows.

Tinted, fibre-enriched gel
The tinted formula colors brows without commitment while its fibers help to plump up the look of brows. 
Not sticky / Not shiny/ Not heavy.

We all seen those bold #instaperfect eyebrows. And to be honest, I have nothing against them, but sometimes I want more natural feathery looking eyebrow (thank you Cara D). Thank goodness I've discovered this product. This brow plumper contains fibers to fill and thicken your eyebrows. It has very small brush which allows to fill even the tail of the brow without putting too much product. For the past few years I was using my super affordable Beauty UK Eyebrow Kit and I was happy with it. But I wanted to get something to set my eyebrows in to places and that's where I found L'oreal plumper. I love that it is not only clear gel, it has a tint to it and you can choose form Light/Medium, Medium/Dark or Transparent. I use Medium/Dark and it suits me perfectly. It is not too dark and that's what I need. 

It fills my eyebrows perfectly making them still look natural. If I don't feel like going bold on my brows, I would just comb it through the hair light handed to achieve that Cara Delevingne look. My brows stays in place all day without feeling sticky or 'heavy'. I believe it is a perfect product for everyone, you can achieve super natural or bold look. It is one of my must haves and I definitely see myself stocking up on this bad boy because it's always out of stock at my local Boots or Superdrug. Let me know if you have tried L'oreal Brow Artist Plumper and what are your thoughts.

Lots of love, 
Indre xoxo


  1. I just purchased this recently and I have to say I'm loving it - I have the same shade as you and its perfect for a naturally filled in brow!

    Lucy | Forever September

  2. I have heard so much about this! i must give it a try. great post lovely! a life of a charlotte