Life and holiday memories

Hey everyone!

Some of you might noticed, I haven't been active for a while. And if you have been reading my blog, you probably know that 2016 haven't treated me too well. It seemed like all my life started going down the hill since 1st of Jan. Everything was falling apart and I felt like I am loosing balance with myself.

For the past few months I wasn't feeling happy or inspired to write, take pictures and produce blog posts. So I decided to take a little step back and leave blogging for a bit. It was time for me. I wanted to shut down the whole website because nothing looked good enough to be published. Even the biggest passion of mine - photography, has been abandoned. I just left everything, I let myself to feel down. And it's OK. I didn't feel guilty for being lazy, because I knew I need this. I am trying to get back on the track and be more productive. As we all know - nothing lasts forever. Everything is temporary. Sometimes we just need to wait for the storm to pass. And I am waiting for mine to go away, so I can see the sunlight again. It might take some time, but it's OK.  Meanwhile, I can slowly build myself back up.

As I really needed a break from everything around me, I booked a short break to Balearic Islands. So me and my cousin, who traveled all the way from Lithuania, spent few amazing days in Santa Ponsa, Majorca. Girly company was much needed and the time spent together just flew by. We had so much fun exploring the area and discovered so many places offering us breathtaking views. Long open conversations, endless cocktails and sangria, delicious food and turquoise water was all I needed to feel happy again. We walked miles around the coast and every time we would discover something unforgettable. It's so easy to forget that simple things like watching sunset or swimming in the ocean at night can make you feel alive again. 

I am sharing some of my memories with you, guys. Enjoy!

Lots of love,
Indre xoxo


  1. Sounds like such a lovely break and your photos are beautiful. Glad to hear the break away brought you some happiness and I hope things start getting better for you lovely x

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  2. Nuostabios nuotraukos, aciu! Uzsimaniau ir as atostogu... :)

  3. Linkiu sekmes eiti pirmyn, optimizmo ir kurybinio ikvepimo. Po kiekvienos audros visad ateina laikas, kai nusvinta saule :)