Lash game strong with Ardell false lashes

ardell demi wispies ardell faux mink eyelashes

Eyes without lashes is like cake without frosting. Right? I mean c'mon, who doesn't like long and fuller looking lashes? I surely do! You would never see me not wearing mascara, probably because I would look like 8 years old kid. Yup, that's right. Lashes plays huge part in my everyday make up routine.
Funny thing is, you would never see me wearing false lashes either! Luckily, I was blessed with naturally long lashes (thanks mum!), so few coats of good mascara brings my lashes to life. I have tried wearing falsies few times, but I just couldn't get use to that heavy feeling on my eyes after wearing it for few hours. But when lovely people form FalseEyeLashes team approached me asking if I would like to try Ardell lashes, I thought to myself 'I need to give another try'. I got to pick 4 pairs of my choice, so I went for Ardell Demi WispiesArdell Wispies, Ardell Faux Mink 812 and Ardell Faux Mink  811
ardell demi wispies ardell faux mink eyelashes
Lashes arrived the next day and once I got them out the box I was amazed how natural it looked. Ardell Faux Mink ones are a bit higher quality, hence the higher price tag. But I must say Wispies has to be my favourites! Considering me not being pro at this false lash game, I found the application extremely quick and easy. The best thing is that it DOES NOT FEEL heavy when it's on! I've managed to wear it all day and my eyes was not irritated or tired. Also, these lashes has invisible band so it blends beautifully with your lash line without making you look like you just stepped out of Ru'Pauls drag race show (you know... stacking three or even four different lashes on top of each other). I just love how natural, yet sexy and romantic it looks. I personally would wear Wispies on daily basis and the Faux Mink ones for nights out or special occasions to add that extra drama to my look. Because the only drama I enjoy is in my lashes!
ardell demi wispies ardell faux mink eyelashes
They have a huge variety of lashes on their website and so many different popular brands such as:  Ardell, Esqido, Eylure, Eye Candy, Lilly Lashes, Red Cherry, Revlon, Salon System, Velour and etc. It's definitely something for everyone! FalseEyeLashes also offers you 10% off when you sign up to their newsletter, which is always a bonus! So what are you waiting for? Go check them out!
ardell demi wispies ardell faux mink eyelashes

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